Strawbees Catapult

Introduction: Strawbees Catapult

This is my catapult made at Leicester Hackspace using a sheet of strawbees and straws.

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Step 1: Equipment

You need one sheet of Strawbees and six straws.

Step 2: Making the Base.

Using two straws put a strawbee in the end of each. Thread a five prong strawbee on one, then thread the other straw on as shown in the photo.

Step 3: Making the Base.

Using the other end of the straw make the other side of the base the same.

Step 4: Make the Upright Front Section.

Join the ends of the two loose straws by crossing them and using two strawbees threaded on and pushed through a circle strawbee. Your model should now resemble a triangle.

Step 5: Your Triangle.

Step 6: Continue With the Base.

Add two straws to the front of the base and join them with a three pronge strawbee.

Step 7: Add the Supporting Top Strut Which Also Becomes the Launching Arm.

Take a new straw and thread it through the hole in the last strawbee. Put a strawbee in the end of the straw to stop it falling off. Attach the other end to the crossed straws by threading the strawbees on them and securing them in the hole of a strawbee on the end of the launching arm.

Step 8: Make Your Ball Holder.

Join four strawbees together as shown in the picture.

Step 9: Make the Ball Holder.

Join the edges of the ball holder together with three more strawbees.

Step 10: Add the Joining Strawbee to the Ball Holder.

Place a strawbee in the middle of the ball holder.

Step 11: Add the Ball Holder to the Frame.

Attach the strawbee arm on the ball holder to the frame as shown in the photo and add another strawbee to the side of the ball holder attaching it to the frame in the same place so that the ball holder points upright.

Step 12: Finished.

Your catapult is complete.

Step 13: How to Fire.

Pull back the firing arm and push it forward very fast to shoot the ball off the end and hope for the best. It works better with a strong wind behind you!

Step 14:

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