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Introduction: Strawbees Crown

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Become Royalty with a Strawbees crown! When playing with Strawbees at our Maker “play date,” I noticed that many people (adults and children alike!) had a tendency to put their Strawbee creations on their heads. I thought to myself, “Why not build something intended for the head!” It’s a simple design, but got a lot of attention at our event, even by people walking by our table.


This isn’t a solid gold crown, so it is very lightweight. The number of straws and connectors required may vary, depending on the size of the wearer’s head (and whether the wearer has a lot of hair (like I do) to push it off the head. Also, the “jewels” (the pink “O” or “washer” Strawbee parts) are optional – except the big jewel of course. This set of instructions is for 9 segments on the circlet to fit my big head.

Note: Your kit may have a color other than pink.

Pink “1’s” x10

White “1’s” x44

White “2’s” x9

Pink Large “O” x1 (The big jewel)

Pink “O’s” x17 (The optional bling)

¼ Yellow Straw (straws cut in half and then half again) x25

½ Yellow Straws x2


Step 1:

Collect your pieces (and some extras just in case). Cut your straws (or cut as you go). I find that measuring the pieces with a ruler is easier than trying to fold the straw to cut it in half.

Step 2: Fit the Crown Base

Connect the “2’s” together with the ¼ straws end-to-end until you have 9 segments.

Step 3: Assemble the Crown Base

Connect the segments together at the end to make a circle. Try it on the royal head. If it’s too small, add another segment. If it’s a little too big, that’s okay. If it falls past the ears, it’s too big – remove a segment. Congratulations! You now have a simple, elegant royal circlet. But we want the showy crown, right?

Step 4: Glitzing Our Crown

Connect a ¼ straw with a white “1” on either end. Make a 2nd one.

Step 5: Assemble the Crown 'Points'

Connect the two pieces you just made together with another “1”.

Step 6: Adding Bling

If you want the bling (who doesn’t?), then add a small pink “O” to the “1” you just connected.

Step 7:

Connect the two free ends to one of your segments with pink “1’s”, forming a triangle. This is one of your crown points. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have all segments as triangles except the last segment.

Step 8: Adding the Highlight to Your Crown

Connect a ½ straw with a white “1”on either end. Make a 2nd one.

Step 9:

Connect the two pieces you just made together with a pink “1”.

Step 10: Adding a Jewel to Your Crown

Attach the large pink “O” to the “1” you just connected. This is your glitzy jewel!

Step 11:

Attach the large pink “O” to the “1” you just connected. This is your glitzy jewel!

Step 12:

Connect the two free ends to your last segment with pink “1’s”, forming a big triangle. This is the front of your crown.

Step 13:

If you want to add the little jewels – our “bling” – then connect the pink “O’s” to every triangle point on the circlet.

Step 14: Crown Your King or Queen

Maui Makers would like to thank Instructables and Strawbees for providing this fun toy! The grown-ups and kids alike really enjoyed the May Build Nights - and we look forward to many more. Our thanks also goes to Rob Bartlett for designing and modeling his Strawbees Crown - look for our Scepter Instructable to add to your own Royal Strawbees Collection.

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    Glad you like it! We have a really talented group at Maui Makers - our local Outback was so generous, allowing us to take over a section of the restaurant while we played last week. The kids loved it!