Strawbees Connectable Articulated Paper Circuits

How to make Strawbees paper circuits and "Strawbees balls".

Submitted as part of the May 2015 Strawbees Build Night which was held at Parts and Crafts in Somerville, Massachusetts.
#buildnight #strawbees #StrawbeesBuildNight

Step 1: Make the Paper Battery Holder

This Instrucable is published as part of the Strawbees Build Night at Parts and Crafts, a child oriented hackerspace in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Items used (some are optional)


Print out the CR2032 battery holder template (attached). Add the copper foil tape to the battery holder and fold it up.

- In square one put a piece of copper foil tape so
that it goes off the paper on the top. That will be the positive lead.

- In squares 2 and 5 put one long piece of copper foil tape so that it goes off the paper on the bottom. That will be the negative lead. Put CR2032 battery negative side down on square #2

- Fold squares 1 and 4 onto squares 2 and 5 (left to right). Fold squares 3 and 6 (right to left) on top of squares 1 and 4.

- Fold the paper in half bottom to top.

Step 2: Print the Strawbees Bars on Card Stock and Cut Them Out

Print the "Strawbees Bars" on Card Stock and Cut them Out (templates attached).

Best printed on 105GSM / 28lb bond / 70lb text or heavier.
I used what I had handy, but you can find more details on choosing card stock here or here

Step 3: Add Copper Foil Tape, Battery Holders, and LEDs

  1. Tape the battery holder to the Strawbees bar
  2. Put down copper foil tape
  3. Add LED
  4. Add any improvised switch you like (folder clip or brass paper fastener).



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