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Introduction: Strawbees Scepter

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Royalty can’t get by on a crown alone! A scepter is essential for a great ruler! This scepter is simple to make and doesn’t require many pieces. It accompanies the Strawbees Crown Instructable.

Note: Your kit may have a color other than pink.

  • Whole Yellow Straws x2
  • ¼ yellow Straws (Straws cut in half, then half again) x10
  • Small Pink “O’s” x5
  • Pink “1’s” x1
  • White “5’s” x2
  • White “1’s” x5
  • White “2’s” x5
  • Scissors

Step 1: Assemble Your Parts

Collect your pieces (and some extras just in case). Cut your straws (or cut as you go). I find that measuring the pieces with a ruler is easier than trying to fold the straw to cut it in half.

Step 2:

Connect a pink “1” to the end of a whole straw.

Step 3: Make the Scepter Handle

Slightly squeeze the end of the other end of the straw and slide it securely into the end of the 2nd straw. This makes one long straw. Congratulations, you have a simple wand! Time to glitz it up! Set it aside for now.

Step 4: Begin to Assemble the Scepter Orb

Connect all the “2’s” with the ¼ straws on each end.

Step 5:

Connect one end of each of the pieces you just made to the “5”.

Step 6:

Attach another “5” to one of the open ends.

Step 7:

Connect the remaining open ends to the “5”

Step 8:

Connect a “1” from the inside of the orb through one of the “2’s”.

Step 9: Adding Bling

Connect an “O” to the “1” you just attached. This is your jewel.

Step 10:

Repeat Step 10 until all 5 “2’s” have “bling”.

Step 11:

Take the “Wand” and slide it through the two “5’s” on the orb.

Step 12:

Snap the pink “1” from the wand into the “5.”

Step 13:

You may have to play with straws by bending/pinching them to make all the sides nice and even. Now you have a scepter to go with your crown! Lead your people wisely!

Step 14:

Maui Makers would like to thank Instructables and Strawbees for providing this fun toy! The grown-ups and kids alike really enjoyed the May Build Nights - and we look forward to many more. Our thanks also goes to Rob Bartlett for designing and modeling his Strawbees Crown & Scepter - look for our Crown Instructable to add to your own Royal Strawbees Collection.

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