Strawberry Juliet Mocktail

Introduction: Strawberry Juliet Mocktail

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Ingredients needed:

fresh strawberries
fresh ginger
fresh mint
fresh lemon

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Step 1: Crush Strawberries

after cutting the green tops off of your fresh strawberries crush them, though, not so much that they turn into a paste.  Crush them just enough to break each one up.

Step 2: Add Fresh Mint

This is usually best with them stems still attached to aid in removal later.  After adding the mint - LIGHTLY grind it.  You don't want to tear up or break apart the leaves and stems.

Step 3: One Good Squeeze Lemon Juice

The title says it all! (=  Just a good squeeze of lemon,  about 1 teaspoon I would assume.

Step 4: ICE!

Add your crushed ice!

Step 5: GINGER! *optional*

I would suggest grated ginger (FRESH !! NEVER SUBSTITUTE THE POWDER! ) I like to use a few ginger shavings, but that is just my aesthetic preference.

Step 6: SHAKE!! (=

Do this in a shaker - or at least something with a lid!  (=

Step 7: Make Your Glass Snazzy Sweet Yo!

Here you have the option of making this prettier or not! 
Line the rim of a *snazzy* glass with course sanding sugar (the kind your mom uses for sugar cookie decoration)

Step 8: STRAIN - *optional*

 Some people don't like the pulp int heir drinks!  I am not one of those people! (=

Step 9: Sober Licious Mocktail!!!

If you don't strain your drink, I suggest adding more crushed ice to the top to act as a barrier between you and the mint stems/leaves - they can be ferocious!!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    That's a tasty looking mocktail- I'll remember the strawberry/mint/ginger combo for my next cocktail party.  Your photos are good as well.

    How do you pronounce your name?