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Introduction: Strawberry Leather Preserve -Two Methods

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This is my first Instructable and also the first time I make this recipe so I want the help of everyone who reads it and leave me some feedback on the comments and make sure to leave me any pictures of your leather.

Well I've been wanting to make an Instructable since I met the page and I figured out that a recipe would be good and I did some research on fruit leathers  well I've always loved the artificial one and this time I would like to make a healthier and fun snack ,I found two methods of making it so I said to myself why not show the people both and that's what I did also it is great for kids lunch boxes and for just snacking away  

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Tools

This step is the simplest of them all and basically you will need:


For Method 1
-Strawberries (Any amount you want I used about 1 Kg).
-Any form of sweetener (Any amount I'm using and unrefined sugar called Panela but you could use Honey).

For Method 2
-The Ingredients listed above.
-Water (I added about 1/4 cup to my Strawberries).


For Method 1
-Baking or Parchment Paper.
-Baking Tray.

For Method 2:
-All the Tools listed above.
-One pot (The size depends on the amount of Strawberries).

Step 2: Prepare Your Strawberries

For Method 1:

-Chop your Strawberries and add them to the blender.
-Add your sweetener and blend well until a puree.
-Line your Baking Tray with your paper and spread you mixture EVENLY (This is a crucial part and does affect the final product).

For Method 2:

-Chop your Strawberries and add them to your pot.
-Add your sweetener and your water.
-Bring your mixture to a simmer and let it bubble from 5-10 minutes or until the fruit is soft.
-Blend your mixture well.
-Sieve your mixture (this step can also be done in Method 1)
-Line your Baking Tray with your paper and spread you mixture EVENLY

Step 3: Baking and Waiting...

This step is the longest and I didn't carefully monitor my oven so it did affect my result.

For Method 1
-Bake your mixture on 300°F or 150°C on a time lapse of 2 to 3 hours (check your leather constantly to avoid burning)

For Method 2 
-Bake your mixture on 180°F or 80°C on a time lapse of 4 to 6 hours (check your leather constantly to avoid burning)

I didn't post any result picture of this method well I didn't monitor it well and some of it was burnt and the other was uncooked in conclusion it was a FAIL.

Step 4: Results and Conclusion

Remove your leather from the baking paper if possible I really don't know why my leather sticked and it was really hard taking it apart but it tasted great and it is had that fruity flavor from the bought at the store and the best thing of all is that it is heathy.

For some better preparation next time I have to:
-Make my mixture EVEN on the baking tray .
-Control and Monitor constantly my mixture during the baking process.

If I make some again I would make an update and post the new pictures and results.

Happy Leather Making :)

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    29 Discussions

    Here is a picture of my peach leather. It turns quite dark but very tasty and a healthy alternative to other treats.

    peach leather.jpg
    1 reply

    It looks awesome and I bet it also tastes great, thanks for sending the picture ,really appreciate the feedback.

    Very nice! I have a couple questions. First, what is the difference between using just the puree vs. cooking it on the stove top? Second, How much sugar/honey did you add, and is the sugar necessary? And does draining off the extra water make a difference? (When you sieve it). But very well done for a first Instructable!!

    1 reply

    I really don't know the difference and that's why I made both methods. I used about 1 Tablespoon of sweetener. Draining doesn't make any difference well all the water will be dehydrated. Thanks for the feedback.

    I agree with these other fine folks in that it is a nice post. However, I crave punctuation! A little proofreading and editing will go a long way toward making yourself clearly understood, and your Instructable easier to follow. When all the sentences run together it's distracting ;)

    Other than that, great job; especially for a first!

    1 reply

    Thank you for your constructive comment I really didn't notice the difference of punctuation. For editing and my next Instructables I will keep it in mind.

    I did something similar with canned pineaple the other day, using your 2nd method.

    I used a dehydrator for that and it worked perfectly without burning. If you use an oven you might want to lower the temperature a bit more te prevent burning. I think my dehydrator was at 65C for that.

    1 reply

    You inspired me to make some FANTASTIC peach leather! I picked these not so sweet peaches at my sister's this summer and froze them. They need sweetening to be used in anything so I haven't used them much, made a few smoothies. I got a couple small packages out and thawed, then heated them in a pan on the stove till they were nice a hot. Ran through the blender, then back in the pan where I added home grown honey a bit at a time till they tasted good. There was a lot of liquid so I stirred in some dry tapioca to make it a little thicker. Prepared a couple of baking sheets with parchment paper, up all four sides and spread the mixture thinly on each sheet. I started the oven at 300 and when it started to get crispy on the ends, slowed it down to 200. It probably took about 4 hours, I ended up just turning off the oven and going to bed and this morning I had perfect peach leather. I can't keep my husband out of it! I know what I'm going to do with the majority of those peaches, thanks for the inspiration!

    1 reply

    You did an awesome job with this posting, just one thing to add to your recipe to make sure there is no more sticking to the parchment paper (this also helps in basically 95% of anything you put in an oven). Well, put a very very very thin layer or flour (or baking powder) on the parchment paper. When I say very thin I mean like dusting the paper with it and it will lift easy. That's why the old school or organic fruities have that slight powder taste.

    2 replies

    I'd use confectioners (powdered) sugar rather than flour or baking powder for better taste.

    I wonder if this could also be done in a dehydrator, thus prevent the burning.

    2 replies

    Yes, it can be done and is much more advisable since simmering or baking kill most of the good stuff. If you have a dehydrator, that is.

    And you can leave out the sweetener. I actually prefer without sweetening. It tastes so much more natural and fruity and strawberrily!