Strawberry O'merry!

Introduction: Strawberry O'merry!

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This is a delicious treat to make when you want chocolate dipped strawberries. Which is like EVERYDAY! Delicious chocolate covered strawberries with pecan and glitter gem coating. Cream cheese and chocolate chip covered inside with a cherry to top it off.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Strawberries (the bigger the better)
Cherries (maraschino)
Nuts (your choice. I used pecans)
Sprinkles or anything you prefer (your choice)
Dipping chocolate

Cream cheese 8oz (softened)
1 egg
1TSP vanilla extract
1/3 Cup sugar
1/2 Cup Mini Morsels Chocolate Chips

Step 2: Ready the Strawberries

Wash, dry and hollow out your strawberries. You don't have to make a huge whole in the middle just a little bit, this is where the filling will go. Set the strawberries aside.

Step 3: Prepare the Filling

In a medium bowl combine the filling ingredients: cream cheese, egg, vanilla and sugar. It's best to mix these ingredients first and then add the chocolate chips. Don't worry if you already poured them in, I did that. I used nestle mini morsel real semi-sweet chocolate.

After you're done mixing put the filling in the refrigerator until it's needed again.

Step 4: Nuts, Sprinkles and Cherries, Oh My!

Now in three separate bowls pour in your nuts, sprinkles and maraschino cherries. You can put the cherries in the refrigerator if you prefer cold cherries. 

For the nuts I used pecans, cookie pieces size. Instead of sprinkles I used glitter gold, cupcake gems. 

Step 5: Melt the Chocolate

It's time to melt your chocolate. I used microwavable, Baker's Dipping Real Milk Chocolate. The instructions are on the container and it's quite easy to do. It's a heat and dip thing!

Step 6: Dipping and Sprinkling

After taking out the chocolate from the microwave begin dipping your strawberries. Then add on the nuts on one side of the strawberry and the sprinkles on the other. Place them back on the plate and put them in the freezer for 5-15 minutes. I put mine in for only 5 minutes but for a much more harder shell you can do it for longer.

Step 7: Filling Time

After your freezing time has ended take out the strawberries, filling and maraschino cherries. I used a butter knife to fill in the top of the strawberries. 

Step 8: Top Off With a Cherry

Oh they look so good! Now just take a maraschino cherry and squish down a little on the top. Serve right away 'cause people are hungry!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    All that deliciousness in a single bite? Bravo!!!! ;-D


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. They didn't last long either. The strawberries and I were attacked after the last photo was taken, lol.