Strawberry Pie



Introduction: Strawberry Pie

Hi! My girlfriend and I wanted to create a pie filled with various math symbols. I like strawberries so we decided on that. We carved the strawberries into those various symbols. This pie is easy to make and took us about an hour to make. We had a lot of fun doing making this pie and we even had my girlfriends 7 year old neice help make some symbols.

Step 1: Gathering Ingredients

For the ingredients we wanted to make the pie in a short amount of time while still being fun and delicious.
We used:
1 can of market pantry fruit fiilling strawberry.
1 Pre-made pie crust
1 container of strawberries
1 can of of dairy toppings
Also a small cutting knife and a straw.

Step 2: Cutting the Strawberries

Now you will want to cut the strawberries into various math symbols. we chose to use the plus, minus, decimal point, less than and greater than symbols. The plus symbol could also be seen as the multiplication and the minus symbol could also be seen as a divide symbol. We started cutting the plus symbol first.
We used these steps.
1. Cut the top of the starwberry off.
2. Cut the strawberry in half.
3. Lay the strawberry on its flat side and begin to cut out the symbol. (See the pictures for the example.)
4. once the symbol has been cut, carefully cut into it to create two halfs of the symbol. (See pictures for exmple.)
You will want to cut several strawberries until you reached the desired amount. We cut up about seven strawberries for the plus sign. Dont worry if some dont turn out perfect, its about having fun.

Step 3: Making the Minus Symbol

Making the minus symbol we followed the same steps as to making the plus sign.
1. Cut the top of the strwaberry
2. Cut the strawberry in half.
3. Carve out the symbol. (See pictures for example.)
4. Once the sign was been cut out. cut it in half or more. (See pictures for example).
When we did the minus sign we cut three out of the the strawberry. But it will vary because of the thickness of the strawberry.

Step 4: Making the Other Symbols

For the decimal symbol we used any peices from previous strawberries instead of using a new strawberry. this will help reduce waste of the strawberries. We took a straw and with my thumb plugged one end and stuck the other end into the the strawberry.
once the straw had a piece of strawberry in it. I then very carefully blew into the other end and shot out the peice of strawberry to make the decimal sign.(See pictures for examples). For the less than and greater than sign any pieces that were big enough we used to carve out the signs. If there isnt big enough peices just follow the same steps as making the minus and plus sign.

Step 5: Assembling the Pie

When you have completed cutting the desired amount of signs out of the strawberries. You will want to bake the crust. follow the steps for baking the crust provided on the packaging. Once that is completed take the fruit filling and fill the pie crust with it and level it out as best as you can. After that is done then decorate the top layer with the signs you had cut out. Stick the strawberry pie in the fridge for about an hour and a half. Once it has cooled decorate with the whipped cream, serve and enjoy.

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