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This mocktail recipe utilizes the pineapple to make a beautiful drink that looks great, tastes wonderful, and is really easy to make!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need:
Strawberry Daiquiri (frozen mix, preferably)
Colored Straws

Also, you will need a sharp knife, a blender, some kind of scoop for the pineapple (an ice cream scoop works well, or alternately, a strong spoon) a pitcher, and a cutting board.

Start with premixing your Strawberry Daiquiri, and crushing your ice.

Step 2: Mix Ice and Strawberry Daiquiri

Pour just enough Strawberry Daiquiri into the ice to wet the ice (see pictures). Blend well.

Step 3: Cut the Pineapple and Add It to the Blender

Cut your pineapple in the appropriate place (see pictures), making sure to leave enough for the top for later.

Now scoop all the yummy pineapple from the center of the pineapple, making sure to save the pineapple you scoop out. Also make sure not to scrape the sides too much, as the outside skin itself is not tasty.

Now add about half of what you scooped from the pineapple to the blender and mix it all up. Add more ice and strawberry daiquiri as needed.

When you get down to almost the bottom of the pineapple, there should be a slight bump at the bottom. You will need to cut this out (but don't add this part to your drink).

Step 4: Prepare the Top of the Pineapple (optional)

You want to be able to put two straws through the top, right? Then this step is for you!

I found that using a bottle opener worked well for marking the exact spot you want to cut through, but a paring knife works, too.

Decide where you want your straws and make a mark in each spot. Cut through the spot with your paring knife and hollow it out.

Repeat with the other hole.

Step 5: Pour and Serve!

Pour your now yummy drink mix into your hollowed pineapple.

Put your straws directly into the pineapple and set the top on the edge, or, alternately, insert the straws through your pre-cut holes in the pineapple top, and set the pineapple top on top of the pineapple (this is where it belongs:).

Serve and Enjoy!

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    1 year ago

    I think I'll try this........


    8 years ago on Step 5

    You Could Put Wooden Kebab Skewers Through The Top Into The Base Great Ible

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    Or make a notch in the Pineapple so the top is aligned with the bottom