Strawberry Roses Table Centerpiece and Starter




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It's a romantic table decoration and it's a delicious food starter all rolled up in one :-) And what's more it's pretty easy to do!

Step 1: ​Materials

You need:

A glass

Barbecue sticks


Ribbon of your choice

Floral tape

A sharp knife

Artificial rose flowers with leaves / you could go real here if you wish

some white rocks

Step 2: Making the Stem

Wrap your barbecue sticks with floral tape. Insert the artificial rose leaves and wrap around with floral tape.

Step 3: The Rose

Remove stem from strawberry and prick the point of the barbecue stick gently in to the strawberry.

Cut a Petal at an angle in the bottom level of the strawberry. Do the same in the opposite side.

Now Cut again in between the two cut petals. Do the same in the opposite side so that you get 4 petals.

Move up slightly and cut a petal in between the bottom 2 petals. Do same to the opposite side. Again repeat the process as shown in the lower level of petals till you get 4 petals. Sometimes you might have to stop at 3 petals if the strawberry is small.

Right at top make to small straight parallel cuts. Gently spread the petals open with the knife.

Step 4: ​Assembly

Arrange your roses in a glass. Fill glass with small white rocks so that the stems will hold it's position.

Wrap a ribbon around the glass and tie a bow.

Take an artificial rose and remove it's petals. Separate each petal by cutting it.

Make a chocolate dip.

Now spread the rose petals on each table. Place the strawberry rose vase in center of the table. Make sure you have enough roses to spare for your guests :-) Place your chocolate dip and step back and admire your romantic table :-)

Isn't that super easy?



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you get fresh straberries there? How much did you pay? It's strawberry season here freely available.Next week is our wd anniversary,I am going to do this ..Romantic :)

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    You get fresh strawberries in the hill country. But in the city where I live I could only find it in one shop which deals in anything strawberries :-) They get it delivered everyday directly from the hill country. All the super markets were out of stock in the area I was in.

    Happy Anniversary for next week, wish you more happy years together :-)

    Please post a picture of your romantic table setting. I know you would go all out to do a good job as all your food instructables have great pictures!