Strawberry Treat

This is my first instructable. It is fairly simply but very delicious.

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Step 1: Materials

Chocolate Syrup

Whipped Cream



Cutting Board

Step 2: Pick Large Strawberry

Of the bunch of strawberries picked for this treat, try to find one a little larger than the rest.

Step 3: Cut Off Stem

Using the knife, cut the stem and any leaves or nasty parts from the strawberry. Try to keep as much of the actual strawberry intact.

Step 4: Cut the Center Out

Again, using the knife, cut the center of the strawberry out while trying not to cut the outer layer that could some how result in a mess. You can eat what you cut out.

Step 5: Fill With Chocolate

Fill the strawberry almost to the brim with chocolate syrup.

Step 6: Top of With Whipped Cream

Using the remaining space, top off the strawberry with whipped cream. Once you are finished this step, the snack is complete and ready to eat.

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