Strawberry/Marshmallow Chocolate Covered Snacks

Introduction: Strawberry/Marshmallow Chocolate Covered Snacks

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1.) First of all wash your hands and the strawberries.
2.) Make sure that the table you will be preparing these snacks on is clean.
3.) The ingredients you will need are the following: marshmallows, strawberries, milk chocolate chips, and graham crackers.
4.) The utensils are: a spoon, measuring cup, two medium sized bowls, a microwave, aluminum foil, a ziploc bag, enough toothpicks for the amount of marshmallows and strawberries, and a big cookie pan.
*Now you are ready to commence the snacks.

Step 1:

5.) Open the bag of chocolate chips and pour a cup and a half into a medium sized bowl.
6.) Open the microwave and place the bowl with the chocolate chips inside close the microwave and set it to 45 seconds.
7.) After 45 seconds open the microwave and take out the bowl.
8.) Grab a spoon and mix the chocolate with the spoon until it is well melted.
*Set the bowl aside.

Step 2:

9.) Grab a package of graham crackers. To make sure crumbs will not come out of the package as you crush them, grab a plastic ziploc bag and and place the package of crackers inside.
10.) Then crush the crackers into the smallest crumbs you can, using your fist.
11.) Grab the other medium sized bowl, open the bag with the crushed crackers and dump them into the bowl.

Step 3:

12.) Cut a piece of aluminum foil big enough to fit the plate and the amount of strawberries and marshmallows you will be making.
13.) Place the aluminum foil onto the plate and set aside.

Step 4:

*Now here comes the fun part.
14.) Grab a marshmallow/strawberry and a toothpick. Insert the toothpick in either round side of the marshmallow. On the strawberry, stick it in the leaf part. Make sure though that you do not dip the leafs on the strawberries into either bowl because at the time of eating you do not want to eat the leafs.
15.) Now dip the marshmallow/strawberry into the chocolate bowl until it is completely covered in chocolate.

Step 5:

16.) Dip the marshmallow/strawberry into the bowl with the crushed crackers.
*You might have to twist the toothpick a bit so the marshmallow will roll in the crumbs. You may remove the marshmallow/strawberry from the bowl until it is well covered in crumbs.

Step 6:

17.) Place the marshmallow/strawberry on the aluminum foil with the toothpick facing up.
*Repeat these same steps with the remaining or desired marshmallows/strawberries.

Step 7:

18.) Place the pan with marshmallows/strawberries in the fridge to let cool for about three to five minutes or you can set them aside for the same amount of time if you do not want them cold.
*While you are waiting for the marshmallows/strawberries to cool you can clean up the mess. Put away all of the remaining ingredients if any and wash the used utensils.

Step 8:

19.) EAT! Now that everything is done and you have been waiting five minutes you are ready to eat what you have been working for. Enjoy!

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