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Introduction: Strawbots: Harvey 1.0

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Harvey 1.0 is the first ever STRAWBOT. He's named after the straws that build his spine and connect his joints. The slightly over-sized straws from Harvey's restaurants have helped to start a robot revolution. Once upon a time a quick slight of hand could swipe a few extra straws into a take-out bag. Now, boxes of straws by the thousands, fuel the production of what will soon become a robot army.

Okay.....timeout. I got a little carried away there.


Anyway, you can build your very own Harvey 1.0 STRAWBOT with this short list of materials and tools:

  1. Harvey's black straws
  2. Standard 1/4" flexible straws
  3. Craft foam (any colour you choose)
  4. Hair Elastics
  1. Hole punches (1/4", 1/8")
  2. Exacto-knife
  3. Scissors
Please note that the tutorial videos start after all of the pieces have been cut out. I'm relying on you to accurately cut and punch out the pieces using the provided templates. For a few added suggestions, you might want to check out my Instructables Robot Strawbot.

Step 1: Templates


Step 2: Parts List


Step 3: Building the Feet and the Legs

Step 4: Building the Mid-section

Step 5: Building the Chest

Step 6: Building the Arms


Step 7: Building the Hands

Step 8: Building the Head

Step 9: Assembly

Step 10: Final Product

Harvey 1.0 was featured in on of my student's first animations using Stopmotion Pro. Thanks to Logen Snider!



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20 Discussions

Can Harvey be scaled?

Hi there, how many straws do you use for a single robot?

I'm sneaking one by one from mc donald's xD

awesome, but even more if I can make these!!!!!!

awesome, but even more if I can make these!!!!!!

is there an easy way to change the scale of the PDF. I'm trouble making it larger even if it means 2 sheets of paper

Excellent work for an excellent teacher congratulations awesome robot.

These are very cool.

So, whats magic about the Harvey's straws?
Can you suggest a more generic alternative for those of us unlucky enough to live on a planet with no Harvey's nearby?

4 replies

The harvey's straw is slightly larger in diameter than a standard 1/4" drinking straw. This allows it to slide over top of the other straw, specifically for knee joints. Find this combination of straws and you're in business. If you're still coming up empty tell me what planet you're from and I'll mail you some of the magical straws.

Where do you teach?
Hi I am mr.cardboard and I forgot to introduce my self. I would like to know if ou want to see some of my mod ideas. Also do you need a partner for some of your STRAWBOTS projects because I can make some and send them to you for free.

im still very knew to this idea, and im considering taking it up this summer. the thing that these remind me the most of are the robots from the real steel movie. i really want to try these. Ever since about 3 years ago iv been looking to make smthn like this for stopmotion shorts, and this might be it! thx alot !! 5*

just absolutly stunning.. marvelous, incrdible, terrific.. as your students migth say COOL! AWESOME!

really man looks great... it sets a new bar for my engineering in fast food places.. my windmils, siege weapons and other minor stuff just looks lame now!

may i add an idea.. interchengeable modules.. like a quick set to make the boots with differents parts!

congrats man!