Garden Stream - Build a Stream or Creek / Natural Filter for Pond



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I built a 200 feet stream / creek to make a natural filter system for my pond. Geotextile and epdm pond liner used for this cascading creek. Stones and gravel for realistic look. It was been a very big project. I don't find this project on the Internet. I would like to share to you my experiment. I made a free guide, step by step with pictures. I hope this is useful for someone !

Free guide to build a stream / creek at home:

---> Garden stream building steps

1. Making a discharge
2. Planning and digging the streambed
3. Installing geotextile and EPDM liner
4. Put the gravel and river stones
5. Small rock waterfall
6. Finishing banks and stream naturalization

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Instructions en français (french instructions): Construire un ruisseau de jardin




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