Streaming DVD's to Xbox 360

Introduction: Streaming DVD's to Xbox 360

Hello my name is Eric Schwarz I build website for a living among other things, and enjoy sharing things on the internet.

So let's get straight to the point, a lot of people want to stream DVD's but don't want to bother converting them and having two copies of the movie on are limited Hard Drive space. So I have scoured the internet, tried everything I could find, and have a decent solution, but not perfect. Interested? Well lets get started.

Check out the video of me demonstrating Streaming DVD's to Xbox 360 on YouTube, and be sure to like it!

  1. Windows Computer with Windows Media Center
  2. Xbox 360
  3. Some Software to download and install on the Computer
  4. DVD's Backed-Up in the Video_ts format
  5. and About Half an Hour of your time
I'm not going to cover going over how to setup Windows Media Center and configuring your Windows Media Center Extender for Xbox 360, there are plenty of good sources on the internet so Google it.

Step 1: Download Files

To being you should have a computer running Windows Media Center and that is connected your Xbox 360. So head to your computer your going to use as the one to stream the DVD's to your Xbox, mine is the Server in my basement where I have all my data double backed-up on.

Now go to my website and download the files which are currently 32.7mb Zipped, and once you download them extract them onto your desktop.

Continue onto step 2

Step 2: Install Media Browser

If your on step 2 you have gone to my website and downloaded the file required and have extracted them onto your desktop.

Step 2

  1. Double Click the program called MCE_Media_Browser_2_2_5.msi which is a plugin for Windows Media Center.
  2. Click next  (Image 1)
  3. Check the "I accept" box and click next (Image 2)
  4. I recommend the Default location and no boxes are checked and click Next (Image 3)
  5. Click the Install Button (Image 4)
  6. Wait for MCE_Media_Browser_2_2_5.msi to install (Image 5)
  7. Make sure "Configure initial setting" is selected and click Finish (Image 6)
  8. The mediabrowser app should open up (Image 7)
  9. Click on "Add" and browse to where you have your DVD stored on you Hard Drive (Image 8)
  10. In the upper left corner click on "Advanced" and find the tab "extenders + iso" and check the box labeled "Enable Transcode360" (Image 9)
  11. Close the app by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner
Move onto Step 3

Step 3: Transcode360

At this point you should have just finished with installing "Media Browser" and configured it to run properly.

Step 3
  1. Double click on "Transcode360Setup.exe" to install it
  2. Click "Next" (Image 1)
  3. Click "I Agree" (Image 2)
  4. I recommend you leave the recommended selections and click "Next" (Image 3)
  5. Make sure to choose run as "Service" and click "Next" (Image 4)
  6. Make sure to "Run service with local permissions" is selected and click "Install" (Image  5)
  7. Let it install (Image 6)
  8. Select "I want to manually reboot later" and click Finish (Image 7)
Your ready for step 4 now.

Step 4: Reg Edit

In the previous step I had you install the Transcode360 program and did not reboot your computer when it asked you to.

Step 4

Quick one but necessary we now need to add in a Registry Edit, I have no idea why but it works.
  1. Double Click "T360-Network.reg"
  2. Click "Run" (Image 1)
  3. Click "Yes" (Image 2)
  4. and Finally "Ok" (Image 3)
Your ready for step 5

Step 5: Edit the Movie Collection

Now that you have Everything necessary to stream your DVD's to Xbox 360 you might want to add in data like Images, actors, and info about the DVD's.

Step 5

On your desktop you have the program called "My Movies Collection Management Setup.exe" which you need to install. I'm not going to go over it because it is straight forward and their website at is all the help you should ever need.

Step 6: Finished

Well your not quite finished, you still need to reboot your computer.

Step 5

1. Restart your Computer
2. Once your computer has restart go to "Start + All Programs + Transcode 360" and Right click on "Transcode 360 Configuration Utility" and select "Run as Administrator'
3. Click on the "Audio Settings Tab" - I changed my delay to "195ms" which seems to be perfect for me but could be different
4. Click on the "Subtitle Settings" and change to your language which is most likely "English (United States)"
5. Finally not necessary but I recommend clicking on the tab "General" and reducing the number of transcodes to just one


Those are all the steps that were required to stream the DVD's to my Xbox 360, so fire-up your and enjoy. Now back in the beginning I said that it is "a decent solution but not perfect" so here is the bad news, some DVD's will want to play audio in French "Swordfish" and Spanish "Terminator 4" but for the most part a lot of them work just fine, like Fight Club. Check out the video of me demonstrating Streaming DVD's to Xbox 360 on YouTube, and be sure to like it!

So if you like this instructable and would like to see me do more of this Subscribe to me on YouTube, Like "" on Facebook, or Comment away below.

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