Self Defense Against the Two-Handed Front Choke!





Introduction: Self Defense Against the Two-Handed Front Choke!

This is a situation where an attacker grabs your throat with both hands and squeezes hard. Darcey and Heather help me demonstrate a counter to the two-handed front choke.



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    I have to say I stumbled onto this. The arm bar, and esp on
    guys, does it really work. I had never known that something like that
    existed or was possible! I am not into bjj or martial arts but, and I
    know this is not really the best approach, but I was shown and learnt
    the arm bar move by a girl friend before after my concerns of being
    assaulted or raped and being in on my back situation. Would really freak
    me out to such an extent that I said I wanted to learn, and some moves,
    anything that may be of help. She taught me the arm bar. I can do the
    arm bar but it relies on a lot of compliance from her / my training
    partner. But would it really work on say a much bigger, although maybe
    not significantly, guy? She kindly showed me in steps and allowed for me
    to gradually learn and get to that end point with the arm in placed
    correctly (thumb facing up) and slowly (or fast as you apply if in that
    situation) arching my pelvis and hips. If locked in, I sometimes feel
    that a stronger guy could still bust out of it? My friend says no way,
    if technique is good. Any words and advice appreciated, I just want to
    follow up more and be encouraged. Thanks a lot and keep up the good
    work! Cheers, K

    I'm 62, male, 200 lbs, bad knees, bum arm, bad shoulder, but I think I could do this if I had to, and I would definitely break their arm to end the show.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is total nonsense. You claim it is for self defence, and instead of having them break their attackers arm, you want them to submit? Are you trying to get people hurt, or are you just inexperienced? That and a hip toss against a heavier opponent is almost impossible for an inexperienced person.

    Clap your hands together in front of you, and ram them up into an "A" frame directly above your head, Voila! No more choke hold! Add in a swift kick to the balls and then either shoot the attacker, or run away depending on your carry permit.

    In the future please think a bit more realistically when posting for "Self Defense", I understand you meant well, but wrong teaching is frequently worse than no teaching at all.

    One last thing, Stun Guns, and Pepper gas are legal most everywhere. They are also really cheap, and really effective. Get one, the other, or both, and learn to use them. Do NOT ever try to learn martial art of any kind from a video. You will just get hurt.

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    I too have been training in Brazilian/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and have daughters who train. The clap and "A" frame technique does NOT work. In reality, the "A" frame technique will allow the attacker to lock the hands and arm and then use knees. There are many offensive moves available to the attacker once the "A" frame is attempted.

    xarlock667:  Do you really think that all I'm trying to get an attacker to do is submit?  The only reason I had Darcey and Heather tap (submit) is because I didn't want them cranking the armbar and breaking each other's arm.  I don't want somebody out there practicing on a friend and breaking their arm.  In a real life situation, if my life is in danger I'm breaking that arm!   

    No, my intention is not to get people hurt, and no I'm not inexperienced.  This specific move is from taken out of the Gracie Combative curriculum.  I'm currently a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt, and I'm a 2 -Time Golden Gloves Champion, Regional Boxing Champion, and a State Silver Medalist in Boxing.   

    I am well aware that some moves are possible for some, and impossible for others.  Escapes are like finding your size in jeans.  There are many sizes, but only 1 to 3 sizes might fit you okay. There are MANY different ways to escape from this 2 Handed Choke depending on your gender, strength, height, athletic ability, or your opponent’s weight and strength.  I intended to show different escapes from the Two-Handed Choke, but I never got around to posting anymore videos due to my video camera crapping out of me.  I posted that video back in 2008!  

    If some guy is squeezing the hell out of some girl's throat, do you really think she's gonna have time to open her purse, reach into her purse, find her pepper spray, point it in the right direction, and spray her attackers face?  That would work if she had it already in her hand ready to go, but not everybody carries that stuff.  Plus, have you seen what most women have in their purse?  Makeup, credit cards, receipts, keys, money, or whatever.  It's a big mess!  They have trouble finding their keys in their purses!  

    Some moves are more complicated than others, but you need to drill a move over and over until it becomes 2nd nature.  I don't care how easy or efficient the move is.  Repetitions on any move...and yes...even the easy moves need to practiced. 

    If you have a more effective way of escaping that specific hold them please, post a video.  Thanks for watching.


    I know all about drilling moves. I have been practicing martial art for the last 15 years. What I am saying is that if you teach bad technique. People will learn bad technique. That and you should always follow the kiss principal. Keep it simple stupid. Don't teach a novice an advanced move. Most of it will wash right over, and the rest will be forgotten, or ignored, or misinterpreted. There is no more simple counter for the two handed choke than the simple "A" frame. Try it.

    Our of curiosity, what specific martial art(s) have you been practicing for the past 15 years? Have you ever competed in any full contact competition and put yourself and your art that you believe in that will work in a real life situations? I’m not talking about point fighting like you see in the movie “The Karate Kid”.
    I have over 30 fights that includes Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA (in the cage) with 14 years of experience. I currently train under Allen Mohler who is the highest ranking BJJ Black Belt in Texas.         
    What makes you say that I’m teaching “bad technique”? Do you specifically know how to do this specific technique that I’ve demonstrated, and you’re saying that I’m teaching it incorrectly? Let’s just say that you don’t know this specific technique. How can you say that it’s “bad technique”?
    Before you criticize my technique you should watch all 3 of my Headlock Escape videos where I personally demonstrate the technique myself. I had the two girls (who were beginners and never tried that specific move) that learned that move that day we shot the video. I showed them the two-handed choke escape before we shot the video, and let them demonstrate it on each other and on me. We went over the escape for about 5 to 10 minutes and we shot the video (because we were pressed for time). Can you image what they would have looked like if I had a whole hour to work with them, or even a week?  If it were me executing the technique then it would have been alot smoother.  Instead I let them demonstrate the escape while I gave them instructions.   
    I posted two links for you to watch.. The 1st video is Rickson Gracie and Royler Gracie demonstrating the EXACT same move that the two girls were demonstrating on me. You’ll see Royler Gracie demonstrate the Two-Handed Choke Defense on Rickson Gracie in 0:08 secs of the video. It’s the 2nd Self-Defense move. Unless you’ve been under a rock since 1993, then you should know the legendary Gracie Family.
    The 2nd Video link. you’ll see the exact same move 0:25 secs into the video. You’ll also notice that in the beginning of the video is says “Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Basics”. This is a Novice move. Now a Triangle Choke from the guard is an advanced move!      
    Rickson and Royler Gracie BJJ Demonstration:
    I’m always open to learn new moves and techniques. So, please make a video and show me how to execute the “A Frame” choke defense technique. 

    Sorry, I double posted, and it dropped the formatting. There WERE paragraphs.

    Nice vid. I always get a sore arm after someone gets me in an arm bar seems to be sore for weeks somtimes and i tap out when my arm is locked. But arm bars are a good submition.

     Nice although unnecessarily complicated and difficult for small women vs. big men (after 8 years training, I still have trouble with hip throws against a much larger opponent).  A much easier technique from the same initial 2-hand-choke that is effect no matter the size of attacker or defender is:

    1.  Duck head forward and drop weight
    2.  Twist under arm of attacker to either side
    3.  RUN

    Given, that is just an escape but if that's all one really wants to do (as in getting attacked walking down the road without having to drop everything in your hands), it's much better than attempting a hip throw.  I'm 5'3" and I can successfully escape from a fully resisting 6'+ guy much much stronger than myself doing this.  It has a pretty big surprise factor too.  

    Krav Maga teaches all this stuff in an efficient way. There is no complicated moves but its for street not gaming like boxing. This seems to be very complicated under adrenalin, and it would be hard to remember all of this. Here you should pluck both hand at the wrist and kick to the groin. It would disable the attacker for enough time to escape.

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    Agreed. Under stress and adrenaline, only the most experienced of fighters will maintain the fine motor skills and presence of mind necessary to pull this off. For the average joe...forget it. Plus, going to ground is never a good idea as a first resort. I don't know Krav Maga, but in our style the first reaction would be similar -- jab to the eyes / throat, followed by a groin / knee kick. Or reverse. The idea -- prolly similar in your style -- is to keep it brutally simple and use gross motor skills. Most people jabbed in the eyes / face will instinctively move to protect their face and/ or jerk back. Opens up their lower parts to subsequent attacks. Vice versa as well. Groin kicks tend to cause people to bend forward opening up their faces / heads to attack. There are also ways to "open up" the arms with gross arms swings, etc.

    I like your teaching style, repetition is the key. You have to do it again and again. Good Stuff.

    Awesome video! I like the way you explain everything in detail. Good job!