Stretch-Tricot-Ball is a product by Thisisnotparis. Stretch-Tricot-Balls are made from exisiting sweaters. By adding an extra strech element sweaters can be displayed in a new funny way.

Step 1:

Take a piece of clothing with a stretch collar. Cut of the stretch part and attach it to another sweater. Take care that both elemens make nice ensemble.

Step 2:

If you like it then make a whole collection ;-)

Step 3:

If you finished your Strech-Tricot-Ball-Swaeter then turn the piece of clothing inside-out.

Step 4:

Fold it in the way you do with you socks

Step 5:

Fold the extension backwards over the package

Step 6:

Now you have one Streth-Tricot-Ball



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     this is another way to display your clothes (in case your not a big fan of ironing / folding). Why not make pile and put them in the corner of your room... 

    Stretch tricot balls is just a way to create a crazy sweaters by adding extra collars, cuff's to keep warm.. how warm you can decide yourself.

    ps. Nice quilts! ;-)