Stretchy Paracord Bracelet

Intro: Stretchy Paracord Bracelet

Just a simple Cobra stitch or Solomon bar wrapped around a hairband. The weave itself is naturally expandable. When tied tight around a piece of Paracord, it's tight like a knot. But tied around a hairband, it opens and closes with the stretching of the hairband!

Step 1: You Will Need:

1- Elastic only Hairband. No metal clasps, they will rub on your wrist. I use an older stretched out hairband. It fits better on my large wrist. A brand new hairband would be way too tight.

2- Approximately 6' of paracord

3- Lighter

Step 2: Start Tying the Solomon Bar.

Start by tying a regular overhand knot. Then another, in the other direction. Then alternate back and forth creating the pattern.

Step 3: Continue Tying All the Way Aound Until You Reach Where You Started.

Step 4: Thread the 2 Loose Ends Through 2 of the Outer Loops From Where You Started .

Step 5: Trim, Melt and Flare the Ends So It Wont Pull Through. That's It!

The 2 color Tan & black bracelet pictured above was made the same way. I just melted two 3' pieces of paracord together. One black, one tan. Then put the hairband right on the joint, and start tying.



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    4 years ago

    This is great for people who don't want to buy clips for their paracord bracelate. Thanks so much. You should enter a contest. Let me know if u do. I'll vote.