Stretchy Pop Tab Watch




Introduction: Stretchy Pop Tab Watch

Got a watch that was too small. Made the wrist strap bigger by replacing it.

Follow this instructable: substituting elastic thread for string.

And instead of tying it off, tie it to a watch and wear it. My watch strap took about 20-22 tabs.



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    There's a second layer of pop tabs on the inside of the band that face inward. It's actually pretty comfortable.

    Doesn't look like it would. The inner tabs seem to be facing toward the skin. Unless the part where they were broken off of the can is sharp and pointed in the right direction, that should be fairly comfortable.

    I've been saving up tons of tabs lately. It'd be nice to have something to do with them again. ^_^

    Soda Tabs? Can I make it with beer tabs? sounds funnier to me! BTW, Nice Ible, my problem with watches is the opposite: too small wrist.