String Lights Lamp

Introduction: String Lights Lamp

Great use of string lights and old fluorescent ceiling fixture.
I found this on the sidewalk and knew I couldn't just leave it!
Here's how I reworked this flexible plastic piece into a very sweet wall lamp..

Step 1: The Fluorescent Shell

This is extremely lightweight and flexible, it also has a natural inside lip that will be used to hang it with.
It was in great condition, nonetheless I gave it a good rinse in the shower then wiped dry.

Step 2: String Light Source

I happened to have these white stringed white lights... Perfect for this project. Although they gave a beautiful glow to the room, I felt that the frosted white shell and the hidden wires would give a very sleek but still sexy look.

Step 3:

Step 4: Attaching String Lights

Easy! A lil scotch tape and some amateur winding skills accomplished this. Just slowly tape with small pieces the string lights throughout the lighting shell... Don't over think it :)

Step 5: Attach to Wall

Simple: 2 small nails to hold this very lightweight light fixture. If you would like to get a ill more complicated you could hang this lamp vertically as well.

Step 6: Enjoy

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