String Map Timelapse (Basel)




Hello World, 

Ok I was stumbling arround the web when I have seen a link, I think on Make Blog, for this:

And I thought, hey that looks fun and easy. Also making it with the locale Publictransportation Maps will give it a personal touch.

Today I finished my fourth board. Since people started to "order" their favourtie city. 

I thought this would be perfect to make a timelapse video of, because it is so easy pictures, I think, suffice to explain what I was doing. 

And as the link above states I don't take credit for this idea. Someone else had it before me ;) 

Hope this works... I knew there would be problems... I hope the video is available for everyone now!

Project String Map

You Need
- Nails
- Hammer
- A Board
- Maybe Paint ?!? (up to you, I only did it the first time round, then I thought... why bother? ;) 
- String in different colours, make sure it doesn't snap easily and that it is visible. Mine are a little too thin...
- Siccors
- Exacto Knif (to help with ripping off the paper after your done)
- Some Time



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    2 years ago

    Not available video.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I would have liked to include some pictures but the video upload does not allow to include pictures as well.

    Also I had only a digital camera, stiched it together from stills only...