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I've been working on some ideas for making thin resin earrings. My plan was to create light, strong earrings that look like stained-glass. I ended up with three styles and I've done a tutorial for each one. Here are two variations using string in the design. The ones with the wire are a variant of my basic resin wire earrings. And the ones that use just string were a happy accident : )

Step 1: What You Need

Clear 2-part epoxy resin

String - I used hemp

Plastic packing tape (only for the wire style)

Wax paper

Popsicle sticks


a container to mix in Colorant - I'm using alcohol dyes

Copper wire - 22g or heavier (optional)

Earring findings

Step 2: Wire Base

I'll start with the wire base, but you can skip ahead if you want to go straight to the freeform string earrings.

Cut 2 pieces of wire about 5" each. Use found objects to shape the wire into earring dangle bases. Try to keep the wire as flat as possible.

Lay a piece of packing tape sticky-side-up on your work surface. Press the wire bases onto the tape. Get rid of any gaps between the wire and the tape. (I was only partly successful and had resin leaks)

Step 3: String Design

Using the stickiness of the tape to help, create a design with the string. This will later show opaque against the transparent resin. I started with a spiral because they're easy, but do what ever you want.

Step 4: Tear Drops

I bent these over freehand. Just make sure they are the same length.

Step 5: Add Resin

Mix your resin according to package directions (I have more instruction for this in earlier resin tutorials). Add tiny amounts of colorant at a time. I went a little too dark. I'd like to have had more contrast against the string.

Slowly add your resin to the bases with the sticks. Allow time for the resin to spread and add just a drop or two at a time. Add resin into your design. The resin should fill the frame, but not flood over he sides. Now is when you'll find out if you have leaks : )

NOTE: The string may float up or lose its design. Use toothpicks to push it back into shape.

Step 6: Just String

Put two pieces of string 3"- 4" in some resin. Let it soak for a couple of minutes.

Take the soaked string out and arrange it into a design on wax paper. Use toothpicks to push the string around. I went totally freeform and mismatched. I'll do this again with a little more of a design plan and make some actual shapes : )

Leave a little tail or loop on each dangle so you will be able to attach an ear wire later.

Step 7: String Shapes

Don't worry too much about drips - everything pops off the wax paper when dry.

Fill in some of the string with resin. It stayed surprisingly in place.

You can leave other "holes" empty or fill them as well. I actually filled the rest of mine with clear when the purple set up. Do this before removing from the wax paper.

Step 8: Wait

Here is my resin drying, still on the tape. I wait at least overnight.

Pull the dangles off the tape carefully. Some adhesive stuck to the resin. I used a solvent to remove it on some earrings and epoxied over it on others.

Step 9: Trim

I had leaks and drips on both styles. Use a wire cutter or scissor to trim them up.

Step 10: Add Earwires

Wire Base:

Twist the two wire ends together a few times where they cross. Make a 3mm loop at the top and wind the rest of the wire around the stem. (Look at my zipper earring tutorial for more on wrapped loops.)


Tightly wrap 3" of 24g wire around the tail. Make a 3mm loop at the top and wind the rest of the wire around the stem. I went for a rustic, messy look to go with my abstract dangles.

Add ear wires to the 3mm loops. Make sure your fronts are facing out.

Step 11: Wear!

The finished earrings are very light - especially the string ones. Experiment with different shapes and colors. I hope you enjoy this! I'd love to see what you make!

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    10 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    These are great! I've been wanting to do something like this for quite some time. I haven't worked with resin before, do these earrings end up very hard, or are they still somewhat flexible?

    1 reply

    Thanks! They're still a little flexible. Though the flexibility/brittleness can depend on the brand of resin you use. Also, give resin at least 4 days to reach it's final hardness. Let me know how it goes!


    3 years ago

    Could you please add pictures of the process of adding the resin with the popsicle sticks? I am having difficulty understanding what you mean. Your jewelry is beautiful and I'd like to try to make it so I would really appreciate more detail around this step, thanks!

    1 reply

    Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, I'm limited in my photo taking ability while covered in resin : ) But I'll try to put it into words:
    Essentially, you just dip the stick in the prepared resin and let the excess drip back into the container. Then scrape off the underside of the stick back into the resin container. There will still be some resin on the stick. Hold the stick over the spot you want to fill and let the resin drip where you want it. How much resin you will need on the stick varies because the resin viscosity changes. I hope this helps!!


    3 years ago

    These are beautiful! I keep a jar of my embroidery floss clippings and was just wondering if I could combine them with resin to make something new - this looks like a good option. :D

    1 reply

    Thanks! I bet they'd look great. Imagine combining a whole bunch of colors of thread with clear resin. Please let me know how yours come out : )