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About: Former technics and arts and crafts teacher at a school for mentally disabled young adults.

For a long time I had some perspex lying around, and I thought there must be a way to build some kind of showcase for my artefacts. It turned out pretty neat! Half a day work, all materials already in the house. And easy enough for anyone to copy!

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Step 1: What Did I Use

8 pieces of perspex, 70x15 cm, 6 mm thick
Paracord 8 mm thick, 8 metres
32 nails ( 3 cm)
two "S" hooks
two pieces of thin metal wire
two screws and plugs
little piece of magnetic tape and white paper

An 8 mm drill
a file to neaten the holes
a white color pencil
tape measure

If boards have to be cut: saw and sand paper

Step 2: Cord Preparation

Cut the cord in two pieces, each 4 metres long. Melt the ends with a match to prevent fringing.
Fold the pieces double an attach the "S" hook in the middle. Secure the hook by turning a thin piece of wire around.

Step 3: Up the Wall

Screw the "S" hook to the wall. You will need plug fittings and screws. To hide the ugly screw I cut a small round shape from some magnetic tape covered with white paper.

Step 4: Nailing in Place

Pull the cord through the holes. Make sure the first board is level. The cords nearest to the wall will be shorter than the front two. Punch nails through the cord to hold the board in place. When the first board is level you can measure the cord where you want the other boards. I used a white color pencel

Step 5: Build Down

Add more boards. Lift them as high as possible, then add nails under the board to hold them in place. It helps when the cord is measured and marked first

Step 6: Tie the Knot

under the last board tie a simple knot, cut off the excess cord an melt the end with a flame.

It is of course possible to use wood ( MDF?) in stead of perspex. Make sure it does not bend under the weight.
It is vital to use woven cord. and not twined because the nails will not stay in place

Step 7: Hole in All

Drill holes in all the perpex boards. I chose to drill 10 cm from the sides, 2,5 cm from the rim.

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    4 years ago

    I like the way you set this up. Good job :)


    4 years ago

    This is so smart!