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Introduction: String Wallet

Using a $2 Ikea CD wallet organize and store all of your instrument stings. Optionally I used my label maker. Be sure to put an  " if found "  number inside , this is my second one.
It fits inside most instrument cases. Also use a pocket for picks.



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    6 Discussions

    This is a fantastic idea. I don't know what the stinky peach was alluding to, but I am so going to do this! Thanks!

    1 reply

    i wouldn't recommend doing this with ernie balls and other strings in paper sleeves, because once outside air gets to them, they start to decay and lose tone

    3 replies

    What outside air?> When you buy them in bulk as I do, many different gauges they don't come in an airtight sealed bag. I would disagree with this statement anyway. If you leave them outside in the weather they might oxidize but these are safe inside your case.

    moisture can seep in through the fabric because its not airtight. thats why string manufacturers seal strings in plastic, but i believe thats only done with full sets, not individuals. oxidation rate will vary depending on humidity, but theyll still tarnish.