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Introduction: String or Yarn and Wood Lamp

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This wood and string or yarn lamp is fun to make, and you can arrange the string into so many different variations for a lamp that is truly unique.


Pine offcuts for the top and base
Pine dowel, 12mm

Roll of string

Lamp holder and ripcord or 2-core electrical wire


Wood glue

Wood stain, antique oak

Plastic feet [3] and hammer


Jigsaw or mitre saw

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

12mm spade bit

30mm hole saw

35mm hole saw or Forstner bit

Quick clamps

Tape measure and pencil


1. Cut all the pieces to size. The triangles for the top and base are 160mm long and cut at a 30-degree angle. The dowels are 250mm long. My dowels were cut 300mm long, but after making the lamp I think it would look better slightly lower.

GOOD TO KNOW: The dowels must be cut to exactly the same length to ensure an even level.

2. I used Antique Oak stain on all the pieces. Apply using a sponge or rag and work with the grain for a nice, even finish.

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Step 1: Make the Frame

3. In order to mount the lamp holder in the base you need to cut [2] holes. One hole is 35mm in diameter and goes 3/4 of the way through [shown], and the second hole is 30mm in diameter and allow the top of the lamp holder to be pushed through the base [shown].

4. As you drill each hole, test fit the lamp holder to make sure it fits snugly. It might be necessary to apply some quick-setting epoxy glue to hold the lamp holder firmly in place after wiring up.

GOOD TO KNOW: I made a boo-boo here! I added the lamp holder after starting to wrap with string, but you should do this now because it is easier.

5. Before securing the lamp holder in place, wire up.

6. You can also add the [3] little feet at the same time.

GOOD TO KNOW: Cover the wiring with a couple of strips of duct tape.

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7. Mark a border around both triangles, approx. 18mm in from the edge. This will indicate where to drill the holes for mounting the dowel uprights. The depth for the holes is 10mm and you need to ensure all holes are drilled to exactly the same depth, so use a piece of masking tape so that you know when to stop.

8. Place a small bead of wood glue in each drilled hole and insert the dowels. Push them down firmly so that they are all of even height. If unsure, use a steel ruler to check the height of each. Any mistakes here and your lamp will look skew.

9. Add a bead of wood glue to the top section and push down firmly onto the dowels. Again, make sure it is properly aligned and pushed as far as it will go into the holes.

10. Clamp the assembly for a couple of hours for the glue to dry.

Step 2: Wrap the Frame

11. Now you can start to wrap the frame with string or yarn. Tie the end in a neat knot around one of the dowels that will be at the back of the lamp. Keep wrapping, and keep wrapping. You want quite a bit of string or yarn around the frame to give a nice effect and block out light. When you reach the end, add a blob of hot glue or superglue to secure.

There are so many patterns that you can create once the string or yarn and wood lamp is wrapped.

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