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Introduction: Strip LED for Home Illumination

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I wanted to find a way to brighten up my living room with a diffuse light and colorful. So I chose to use a LED strip 5 meters long. Strip to be placed on pieces of furniture high enough. The cabinet is a little more than 2.5 meters. So, how to place a strip 5 meters long? I chose to use a stick 2.4 meters long with square cross-section of just a centimeter. In this way I could glue the strip on two of the four sides of the stick.

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Step 1: Required Materials

Required materials:
LED strip 5050 (I discovered that there is a chip even brighter)
power adapter 6A (see below why 6 and not 5)
remote control and receiver to change color
4-pin 1 to 2 female connector 4 way for LED strip lights (I've found 1 to 3 but 1 to 2 is enough)
4-pin male connector adapters
three sticks of 80 cm each
adhesive tape strips (I've used electrical tape)

Step 2: Combine the Sticks With Adhesive Tape Strips

To connect the sticks I used electrical tape. The largest I could find. I placed on the ground three sticks so close and I stretched out near the strip led. Obviously the scissors are used in this step.

Step 3: Glue the Strip LED on Stick

Glue the LED strip on the stick. Place half of the strip over the stick and the other half to the side.

Step 4: Electrical Connection

Connect the power adapter to the remote control receiver.
Connect the remote control receiver to the 4-pin female connector 1 to 2.
Use where you need the connector adapters.

I used the 1 to 2 connector for led strip dual feeding. Google around to find out what it is.

Instead of using 5A power adapter provided in many kits that are for sale, I used a 6A power adapter. If you read the specifications of the LED chip used in my 5050 strip you'll see that each chip works with 0.24 Watt and 12 Volt. In a strip there are 300 leds. Then:

300 leds X 0.24 Watt / 12 Volt = 6 Ampere

Step 5: Final Result

Here is the final result. Now I just have to convince my kids to stop with the remote control!

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