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Introduction: Stripped Clock

Clock made from simple components.

Stripped Style. =D

I can't really make a Step-by-Step Instructable for this now. But If you want to make a clock like this, here's some details.

This clock is prepared to work with 230V ~50Hz. In my case, I don't have an alarm, but the IC allow you to put one. You can read the datasheet for more information, but this is a really simple IC.

Also, You can setup the IC to work with 12h instead of 24h! =)

Supply Schematics:

The 9V Input is the transformer output.

The 50Hz "wire" connects to LM8361 Pin 35. This pin reads the 50Hz from the supply to count the time

Every IC Pin have a little text showing where to connect the pin.

All VCC1 connects to power supply VCC1
FSET connects to 1 button for "Fast Time SET"
SSET is for "Slow Time SET"

D1 and D3 don't need to connect all the pins to the IC because some of the segments doesn't need to turn on, or are always on

Then you need some imagination to dispose the components, and solder wires to it.

If you prefer, You can make a PCB and a case for it.

Any more questions please ask.

Sorry my English =D

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I remember building one of these with a flip display alarm clock, it was neat and it worked great until I got zapped with 110 volts reaching for the snooze button... talk about a rude awakening!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Lol. This one works with 230V.

    There are some days that I really need something like that to wake up! =P