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Introduction: Strong Cardboard Duct Tape Tablet Case

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This is an Instructable on how to make your own affordable case for your tablet, and in most cases this case will turn out much stronger and more protective than most cases you pay upwards of $30-$40 for. The two main supplies you'll need are gonna be cardboard and of course duct tape. 

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

First thing first gather up your material. For this I'm using black duct tape. You could be more experimental with all of the different types of duct type out there.

1. cardboard
2. duct tape
3. Scissors/ x-acto knife
4. velcro straps
5. some kind of cushioned material
6. marker or some kind of writing utensil 

Step 2: Trace Around Tablet on Cardboard and Cutout

Set your tablet on top of the cardboard and trace around it with your marker making an outline of your tablet onto the cardboard. Take your scissors or x-acto knife and cut out the outline. Repeat this step so that you end up with two cardboard pieces cut to the size of your tablet.

Step 3: Add Cushion and Tape

Now that you have the cardboard cutout you can take whatever you are using for a small cushion and cut it to fit the cardboard. After you have the cushion cut you can go ahead and set your cushion on your cardboard and start to wrap it in the duct tape to hold it on. You can get real creative in the way that you tape it up , but for this instructable I just kept it simple.Wrap up until it is completely covered with the duct tape. Repeat for both sides.

Step 4: Connect the Two Sides

In this step you will connect your two sides together. I did this by setting my first side down with the cushioned side up and then laid my tablet on top of it. Next I laid the next side on top of my table with the cushioned side down towards the screen .....Kind of making a tablet sandwich if you will . Side/tablet/side. With the tablet between the two sides I ran duct tape from one side to the other across the bottom. I went from top to bottom it took me about five strips of tape for this part. Next I opened it up and did the same on the inside to cover up the sticky side the other tape I had just put on. Almost done .

Step 5: Adding Velcro Straps

Now we are ready to add some velcro straps to hold this thing closed. First thing I did was take two cardboard pieces about 1/2" thick and somewhere between 3 1/2"-6" long depending on the thickness of your tablet and cardboard/duct tape sides. After cutting these pieces out I wrapped them in duct tape then put one side of the velcro on the end of these strips I just made. I placed the other part of the velcro onto what I wanted to be the front side of my case.

Step 6: Adding an Inside Pocket(optional)

This is an optional step where I added a pocket onto the inside of the case. I took another piece of cardboard ( a thinner piece) cut it to about a 1/3 to 1/2 the width of the sides and wrapped it in duct tape. Next I taped it down on the inside of the front cover. Don't tape this part down as tight so that it has room to lift up.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Finally I added some latches to latch around three of the four corners of the tablet. I only did three so that it would be snug but still able to easily get your tablet in and out if you wanted to. I just made these latches with the duct tape folded in half and cut down to size. To put them on I just placed them into the spot I wanted them then wrapped them around the back and taped it onto the back cover. That my friends is pretty much the jist of it all.Another option you could do would be is to cut out a slot if your tablet happens to have a camera on the back of it . If you have any questions on how something was done feel free to leave a comment or message. In Most cases this case is going to turn out more sturdy and protective than one you could buy. On the plus side this will just cost you the price of duct tape and your time. Get creative and Hope that someone out there enjoys  this .

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