Strong Durable Kleenex Box



Introduction: Strong Durable Kleenex Box

All too often our Kleenex boxes get ripped, wrecked and squished in the car. Here is an easy and affordable life hack to prevent the mangling of your Kleenex boxes.

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Step 1: Removing Kleenex

Remove the Kleenex from its original box. This is done easily by opening the side of the box.

Step 2: Empty Wipe Container

Find an empty baby wipe container. I found that the Huggies wipe container worked the best as the side opened up to easily allow the Kleenex to be put in.

Step 3: Fill the Container

Now simply put the Kleenex into the wipe container.

Step 4: Finished!

You now have a lovely durable Kleenex box. One that if put in the car will stand up to everything that kids and life can throw at it.

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