Strong Man Dual Tape Dispenser for Your Body Builder, Crossfit or Wanna Get Fit Friends




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I have a couple of friends that do crossfit and body building.. I'm more in the i want to get fit club though. When Looking for ideas for Christmas Gifts i wanted to come up with a Present for my friends that wasn't too big and hence not to expensive to print.. Not too hard to design, 3d print and put together.

Since i figured most of my friends are desk jockeys from 8-5 and gym warriors afterwards i tried to come  out with ideas for the desk. The stapler was too big and had too many variants, the stapler remover was another no no.. a pen holder? way too much material and too much printing time.. and voila.. after staring at a couple of tape dispensers i noticed they look like a huge weight plate..

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Step 1: Do Some Measurements and Start Modeling

I measured the core of the tape holder and started modeling my figurine according to the measured tape core.

It looked good in maya and i figured it was time to 3d print

Step 2: 3D Print and Test

This is the initial design.. as you can see the legs are very skinny and so are his arms.. the base doesn't look very polished and the tape is too high in proportion to the tape cutter part..  since the body builder part is too skinny in some parts the model bends when trying to dispense the tape..

Also because the tape isn't being held in place it easily comes out of each side.

Step 3: Revise 3D Model and Print Again

I went back and added ends to the tape holder so the tape stays in place..

i made the body builder body parts thicker and stronger.. the bar is also now thicker.. bend his knees and changed the platform where he stands to give it a cleaner look

Also Since "If the Bar ain't Bending you're just pretending" i bended the bar so it looks more accurate.. since if those were weight plates that would be extremely heavy

bought some tape and VOILA 

The manliest gift for any of your crossfit or bodybuilding friends.. or even people who want to or wish to get fit like me!!..

I'm working on a Female version because i know girls like to stay fit and get strong.. However, Female anatomy is a bit harder to get right

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    5 years ago

    Clever. Also clever to only release the file if you win.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a great idea. I love it!
    You should sell them. I know many people who would buy it

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    you can get the 3d printed ones here.. obviously these are a bit more expensive since they are 3d printed and made in the US..


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    i'll make the same offer i made with my game of thrones 3d print.. If i win something i'll give away the model to all my fellow instructables.. so share, vote and favorite my instructable..