Strong Soldering

In this guide i will learn you how to make a strong soldering. This is useful for soldering in vehicles and other places in need of a secure soldering. On the photo i have make an example of holding 2 liters (67.62 oz), which every soldering should in a minimum could hold.

!!!Remember to shut off power before soldering wires & soldering coils are extremely hot!!!

Step 1: Prepareing the Wire

start by moving the material arround the metal away... take 1 of the cores out in each wire, connect the wires by comparing the cores and spin them a little. then spin the core you toke out and spin it around the other cores.

Step 2: Soldering

You should end with something as shown as the first picture... If not you should try again, as to thick or lumpy connections may ruin the streetlight and transmission. You can always try gently pulling the wire to see if it is made perfect.

After the wires are secure connected apply a little pre heat on the metal and aply a little ammount of soldering material. in this case i used tin.

when soldered you are finished and ready to use!



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