Strong Fire Wall BATCH

Introduction: Strong Fire Wall BATCH

Hi Guys X-GAMES here

before we start i must say this...

I'm will and am not responsible for what you do with this knowledge.

OK first just a recommendation learn batch code (10-15 minutes)

Ok here we go

%W%=the app you wanted protected

%N%=name what you like (change the %N% every time)

*=don't type this


@echo off

echo Password required...

set /p input0=

if %input0% equ %N% goto P.W.2

if %input0% equ "" goto BREACH


echo if you had one chance at being anything what would it be?

set /p input1=

if %input1% equ %N% goto P.W.3

if %input1% equ "" goto BREACH


echo if you unlock a door what should you see on the other side.

set /p input2=

if %input2% equ DOOR goto APP

if %input2% equ "" goto BREACH


echo you have succesfuly entered this app



echo You will be punished fot trying to hack the owner of this software.

timeout 5

shutdown -f -s -c


thank you for reading please subscribe to my YouTube channel X-GAMES Seth.K

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    Mr Chicken on grill
    Mr Chicken on grill

    4 years ago

    any idea how I can study bat ?? I need to learn quick !! Thnks