Stronger Cheaper DIY Sand Drum




Introduction: Stronger Cheaper DIY Sand Drum

About: I love DIY projects. Will be sharing PC mods related to performance and looks and also some other tech projects. Stay tuned there will be always more coming.

Sand drum is basically used to grind different materials or you can say to smooth a material.

For this DIY Tech you will require the following

  • Sand paper 100 grit ( to smooth the wheel )
  • Sand paper x grit ( Where x is your choice yes you can make the drum to be of any grit )
  • Scissors
  • pliers
  • A dc fan blade ( Pretty much any pc fan will do )
  • Super glue
  • A dremel or rotatory tool like drill
  • Tissue paper or a cloth to clean

*Grit is like the smoothness of a sand paper larger the number, smoother is the sand paper.

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Step 1: How to Make

  1. Break the fan blades with the help of pliers
  2. Put the left wheel like structure in a drill
  3. Using the 100 grit paper smooth the outer cylinder
  4. Cut a piece of sand paper to cover the outer cylinder of the wheel
  5. Glue it on n thats it


  • Cheap
  • Really easy to make
  • Long lasting ( once the sander paper is finished you can apply a new layer of sand paper on it using glue #newlife )
  • Close to zero vibration ( thats the reason to use PC fan as it is very accurately made and doesn't wobble or vibrate while rotating )


  • A lil big in diameter so might not get into smaller places.

* You can take out the magnet and the metal ring that is inside that fan blade. I kept it as its of no use to me at the moment and its keeping the wheel strong as well.


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    2 years ago

    love it grate idea dude :)