Studio C Pin the Mustache on Jeremy Game

Introduction: Studio C Pin the Mustache on Jeremy Game

My daughter wanted a Studio C (BYU) themed party for her eight birthday party. She really loves the show as does the rest of our family. The show is very funny and she wanted to share the fun at her birthday party by having the theme of Studio C for her party and activities related to Studio C.

My job was to find a fund party game for kids to do that included this theme. So I took a traditional party game and used Jeremy as the focus using his trademark mustache as the game pieces and came up with Pin the Mustache on Jeremy.

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Step 1: Find an Image of Jeremy for Editing.

I searched the internet to find a picture of Jeremy that could be used to make this game. I needed one that had a large format with clear detail of his face and especially the mustache. I copied the image and pasted it in the best image editor I had at the time which was PowerPoint. Sorry I don't have Photoshop and wasn't going to go buy it just for this one activity and I have found PowerPoint to have some very useful graphic editing tools and the ability to export the image to a number of formats.

Step 2: Crop the Image to Set the Layout.

I cropped the image to just the portrait of Jeremy. Since PowerPoint and my computer screen have a landscape layout I turned it sideways to see the image crop as close to what I wanted for the final product as I could. If I had better image editing software and a screen setup for image editing I could have used a standard portrait proportions to crop and worked on it upright. But I worked with what I have.

Crop the image to what you want the final size and layout you want for the target page.

Step 3: The Mustache

Now copy and paste the cropped target image into a new slide to work on the mustache. You will be editing the mustache for two things first you need to hide the mustache on the target page and you need the mustache images for the game pieces for the players to try and put on the target.

Crop this copied image down to just around the area of the mustache.

Once the mustache image was cropped I removed the background from around the mustache using the "Remove Background" tool on the Picture Tools - Format ribbon. Be careful not to change the size of the mustache image as its proportions need to stay the same as the target. The tool can remove much on its own, but it doesn't always do what you would like. So you need to set areas to keep and areas to remove. Using the mouse to drag lines to mark the areas to keep and those to remove. Once I had what I wanted I clicked "Keep Changes."

Once I had the mustache image the way I wanted it I copied and pasted mustache so I had two.

One mustache image I used to hide Jeremy's mustache on the target. I did this by first using "Artistic Effects" and selecting 'Blur' which takes away the image detail and mixes the colors of the image. Then I used "Picture Color" > "Recolor" > "Preset" > "Tan, Background color 2 light" to lighten the image to a dull grey blur.

I then centered the blurred image of the mustache over the target picture of Jeremy's mustache to hide it, and grouped the target image with the blurred image of the mustache into a single image by selecting the target image and the blurred mustache (ctrl+a) and grouping (ctrl+g).

Step 4: Mustache Playing Pieces

I moved the cropped mustache image that still had its full color and image sharpness to a new empty slide and duplicated it many times and spaced so that they could be easily cut apart but close enough I could get as many as I could on 1 page for the player pieces.

Now I have a target page with Jeremy's mustache hidden and many mustache playing pieces ready to be printed out and the game begin.

Step 5: Oops... Scale It Up

I thought I had everything ready to print, but once I printed out the target and player pieces I found the target was very small and not what I was hoping for. I also found that trying to print it using the PowerPoint print options I could not get it to print half pages to full pages.

Since I have the target image and mustache images already made I figured out how to scale it up to print the target out on two separate pages and larger mustache player pieces. I add 3 new blank slides.

The target and mustache are grouped they can be resized together. Just make sure the "Lock aspect ratio" option is selected for the grouped image. I copied the target into two of the new slides and rotated them 90 degrees to upright, and cropped the target image to just below the center of the mustache, the first from the bottom up, the second from the top down. Both were also stretched to fill the width of the slides.

The grouped images did not crop the blurred out mustache which had to be cropped separately. I also had to check the size of the larger mustaches to be matched by the size of the player pieces so they would match the new target size. Once I had the new size I resized the player pieces and had to respace them so they would fit a single page with space enough to cut them out.

Step 6: Print It Out... Again

This time when I printed it out the target would cover two pages and have a slight over lap where they connect. I set the printouts to fill the pages as much as possible to give the larges target as possible. The bottom border of the top piece of the target that does not have printing is trimmed off and the two pieces of the target are taped together.

Hang the target on a wall or door near an open area where the players can move around without bumping into, or tripping over anything.

The mustaches are cut out and trimmed to the edge of the printing. Add small pieces of tack to the backs of each mustache for the game.

Blindfold the players, turn them around a few times and send them off to try there luck at pinning the mustache on Jeremy.

I also included the final printouts I used for this game in PDF. If you are a fan of Studio C and Jeremy enjoy this game yourself.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comments. It was a fun build to do. We wanted to have some fun activities for my daughter and friends at her party and this was a popular one with the kids.


    5 years ago

    Cool customizing on the traditional game of pin the tail.


    5 years ago

    studio C .. great show !!