Studio Space With SO Much Potential!

We just bought our *first* house last week and we love it. Right outside of downtown Ann Arbor, close to the river, beautiful woods and scenery. The previous owner turned their garage into an artist's studio with separate doors, new windows and shelving.

We can't decide on what to do with it... a cozy cottage? a separate apartment for extra income? an outdoor dining room?? But I can't bear the thought of turning it back into a garage!

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    3 years ago

    I myself love blank spaces - I run a self storage facility and that's just random bunches of stuff chucked into one place haha! So I know just how excited you must feel when you think about all the possibilities of the space. Here's encouraging you to think out of the box and get some amazing use out of it! Perhaps a little more than an extra room and renting, but what about a pool or a play room or a theatre house? Endless choice! Good luck!

    bad ass pope

    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is amazing, I'd love to have something like that one day. I'd use it as an art studio though and I'm so set on that that I can't even think of anything else you'd want to turn it into. Good luck :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The first thing that came to mind:
    Man Cave
    Extensive bar, humidor, big couches, projector, maybe a billiards table.

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    I suppose it really depends on what you either do individually or together.
    Besides the ideas you mentioned can build a workshop, a game room, an indoor pool, a luxury greenhouse, a home cinema, a library, an astral observatory, a clever disguise for your nuclear shelter, etc.

    I know a guy who started a metalworking workshop in his garage and has since then bought up surrounding terrain. He has quite a lucrative business going.

    That's awesome!

    We've actually talked it over and we've decided to turn it into a space for our business. We're starting an adventure travel company around the Great Lakes and need a place to meet, gather with tour guides, brainstorm, etc.

    Super excited about it! It's only about 300 sq ft but I'm picturing a small conference table and chairs, maybe a fluffy couch or two and a mini kitchenette and bathroom.

    Too bad.. Logic and Reason once again triumphs over the awesomeness of the Man Cave :(

    I'm just kidding. Sounds like a great plan! Let us know how it turns out.