Studio Lamp



Clamp lights are a simple and inexpensive way to provide a lot of light when you need it. But sometimes there just isn't anything around to clamp onto! Studio lamp is a simple solution that allows you to position and adjust your clamp light exactly where you want it, quickly and easily.


Step 1: Materials

Here's what you'll need:

1 clamp light w/ cord
1 light bulb (60w)
1 camera tripod w/ pan & tilt
* Approx. 2 sq ft of floor space

With any luck, you'll have a few of these things already. If you're starting from scratch you will need about $30.

Step 2: Clamp It

Work those forearms and clamp your light to the pan/tilt head of the tripod until you feel you've got a secure grip. (Once it's on tight you'll know it)

Step 3: Adjust

Setup your tripod to the desired height and adjust the fixed position of the light using the integrated ball joint.  You did it! Now you can use the pan/tilt arm on the head of the tripod to easily adjust the direction of the light whenever you want. At about 2 lbs altogether, moving around is no problem either. Enjoy!



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