Study DIY -Memorizing-

Introduction: Study DIY -Memorizing-

Here's this really cool DIY hack for studying when you don't have someone to quiz you. Of course you can use boring lifeless index cards but I think that this is way cooler. Thanks! ?

Step 1: Items You Need

- cup
- paper
- sciccors
- pen or pencil

Step 2: Cut the Paper Into Little Squares

Make sure there is enough space for you to write on.

Step 3: Time to Write!

Write whatever you want to memorize big. I added the action that I wanted to take (define) and the part of speech of the word since I am trying to memorize vocabulary words. On the back I wrote a definition of the word and a sentence.

Step 4: Put Your Pieces of Paper in the Cup

Put your pieces of paper in the cup. Of course you can decorate your cup ( I decided not to since my cup was styrofoam)

Step 5:

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