Stuff My Crust Now!!!!!




Introduction: Stuff My Crust Now!!!!!

What's better than pizza!? Stuffed crust pizza!

It's easy to make this... and absolutely delicious.

Step 1: Roll It Out!

Roll out your fresh dough into whatever shape you like... we like circles.

Step 2: Line the Edge

Pick your cheese for stuffin' it and line the edge. We recommend mozzarella.

Step 3: Fold the Edge

Flip the edge of the dough over the cheese and press it down to seal the yummy cheese into the edge.

Step 4: Top It!

Put whatever makes you happy on your pizza.

Step 5: Cook It, Cut It and Enjoy the Beauty of a Stuffed Crust Pizza.

I like to eat mine hot.

Maybe I'll stuff mine with more cheese next time...

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