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Introduction: Stuffed Animal From a Kid's Drawing

About: I am an Industrial Designer, who obviously loves to create. Now that I am a mom, most of my creations are inspired by my daughers. I believe that if more parents were making stuff with their kids, the world ...

I love my daughter's drawings, they say so much about her personality (like psychological tests) I just love to see how she perceives the world.

I keep her best drawings in a special binder, but she had the idea to turn one of her drawings in a stuffed animal. I think it's brilliant, this is the perfect way to keep her best drawings more visible and to make them come to life!

We won´t use needles, so that the kids can make it by themselves. So let's get started!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The drawing


Fabric glue





Fabric paint

Step 2: Cut

Start by cutting the drawing

Fold the fabric in half and place the drawing on top.

Draw the outline leaving an edge of 1cm (see picture)

Cut the fabric following the line. Make sure you are cutting two pieces of fabric at once.

Step 3: Paint

Draw the face in the fabric with the pen.

Then take a little bit of fabric paint with the brush and trace the face.

Let the paint dry completely and then put both parts together with the good sides facing each other.

Step 4: Glue

Wash the brush and now use it to put fabric glue to the edge, work 5cms at a time.

Then press with your fingers both sides to make them stick.

Go through all the perimeter. But be sure to leave at least 5cms opened.

Step 5: Stuff It

Turn the plush inside out and through the opening fill it with stuffing.

Finally close the slit with fabic glue. Have fun!

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