Stuffed Bunny Air Horn Prank!

Intro: Stuffed Bunny Air Horn Prank!

· February

14 is not April Fool’s day but I don’t care, Any day is a good day to pull off a prank and in this video I’m gonna teach you how to scare the the hell out of someone. As you can see you’ll need a small stuffed bunny and a mini air horn can, yeah this thing is very very loud. by the way I bought these two items for a dollar each.


· With a blade cut open the bunny from the bottom right along the stitching, Take out all of it’s cotton until it looks like this. Now it’s time to mutilate that poor bunny by detaching one of it’s ears. Also make a hole on the side of its head right where the ear used to be.


· Push the Air Horn can inside the bunny’s body, all the way up just make sure the nozzle sticks out through the hole you made. If the bunny’s face looks too flat fill it with some of that extra cotton you took out. Using needle and thread sew the ear back on on to hide the air horn Don’t forget to Stitch up the bottom too.


· If you did everything correctly the bunny should look as normal as it was when you bought it, The last step is to sell the prank so create a small label that says to push on the bunny’s head so it can talk. That’s it.


· On valentines day or even easter give it to your special someone and they’ll be in for a huge surprise. No kidding guys this thing is freaking loud and wont fail so try it out.

· For a demo of how this prank works please watch the video tutorial by clicking HERE!!!!



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    Blame Instructables for having a deadline way after V. Day.