Stuffed Cat Beds

Cats love these easy to make, stuffed cat beds. We also sell them for $15 each for the local cat shelter.

Step 1: Make a Stuffed Cat Bed

First step is to cut a 17" round of fabric. I made a circle on a brown kraft paper shopping bag to use as a pattern, so I can use it over and over. Pick a center spot and measure out 8.5" and then continue till you have made a circle. Join all the marks and cut it out. Lay on doubled fabric and cut your round.

Step 2 is to cut a 16" round of fiberfill or any type of batting. If you have old quilted mattress covers, these work well also. This piece is going to go in between the two pieces of the 17" round fabric you just cut. I sew an X across this fabric. I fold it in half to make a mark, pin and then sew. Go opposite and do the same so you have sewn an x across all 3 layers. This keeps the batting from shifting when the bed is washed.

I then serve around the entire circle. No totally necessary if you use flannel as it doesn't really ravel.

Step 3 is to cut a 14' rectangle the outside measurement of your circle. This is usually about 60" So 14" wide by 60" long. Sew the end together and double the fabric, wrong sides together, right side facing out.

Step 4 is to sew this rectangle to your circle, leaving an opening to stuff it with.

Step 5 Stuff the outer ring to the desired fullness (I like them real full) of loose fiberfill. I save old stuffed pillows and take the stuffing out, to again save money. Once it is stuffed to the desired fullness, back under the machine to close the hole.

Step 6 is to turn the bed inside out so the seams on the edges disappear under the stuffed ring.



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    Nice cat bed. I have to make all my cat's stuff. If I spend money on it they will never use it.