Stuffed Olive Celery

Introduction: Stuffed Olive Celery

Hey everybody! This is one of my favorites. The smooth, silky cream cheese with a salty bite is the perfect contrast to the crisp and crunchy celery! You can make this super quick for an awesome snack, or prepare ahead of time and refrigerate for a delectable party appetizer. Either way, you'll never be disappointed with this family favorite!

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Step 1: Gathering the Ingredients and Equipment

You will need:
                    -1 8oz package of cream cheese
                    -2 tbsp of mayonnaise
                    -1 2.5oz can of chopped black olives
                    -1 tbsp of minced onion
                    -1/2 tsp of salt
                    -1 dash of Worcestershire sauce
                    -1 package of celery
                    -1 medium mixing bowl
                    -1 spoon for mixing
                    -a can opener
                    -a cutting board
                    -a knife
                    -a microwave

Step 2: Soften Up

Open the package of cream cheese, and put it in the mixing bowl. Place the mixing bowl in the microwave. If you do not have a Soften; Cream Cheese setting on your microwave, you can set it to about 2 minutes and get the same results.

Step 3: Mayo Time

After taking the cream cheese out of the microwave, measure out the mayonnaise. Add, and stir with the spoon.

Step 4: Olive the Others...

Now that the mayo is mixed in, open up the can of olives with your can opener. Add to the cream cheese and mayo mixture. Mix with the spoon.

Step 5: Onion and Salt

Now it's time to add the onion and salt. Measure out both ingredients, and stir into mixture.

Step 6: What Sauce???

After mixing, take out the bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Open and throw one dash into the bowl. This will give the filling a lot of its salty flavor! Mix and set aside.

Step 7: Cut and Clean

Our filling is done! So now, we need to get our celery. Take a few pieces off of the stalk, and clean them at the sink. Take them back to your cutting board, and, using your knife, cut off the gross ends and dispose of them. Set pieces aside.

Step 8: Fill 'Em Up, Cut 'Em Up!

Using your knife, get a good dollop of the cream cheese filling and plop it into the celery's big crevice. Spread throughout entire crevice. Repeat with all celery pieces until you have used up all the filling. The amount of celery you use depends on how much you fill the celery. Take your newly filled celery pieces to the cutting board. Cut each stalk into several (about 2 inch) pieces. 

Step 9: Enjoy!

Place on a plate and enjoy!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well, ill be honest and say that ive actually never tried it with other types of olives! But if you used, say, green olives, it might give the filling a different flavor. If you do try it, let me know how it turns out!