Stuffed Pasta Shells

Here is an easy and a quick recipe to make when you are not in a mood to do a big cooking  on a lazy sunday.It does not take much time to make ,as long as you have all the stuffs at home  :)
This stuffed pasta shell dish can be served either as a starter or a light lunch.As for me this was more than enough as a full meal on  a lazy sunday afternoon.If you want to make it heavier read the tip on the last step.I did not want to make it heavier because I was more than happy with this.

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Step 1: Ingriedients

225 gr large Pasta shells
1 Avocado
1 tble spoon lemon juice
1 tin tuna (200 gr)
100 gr Cottage cheese
1 onion
1 Red   pepper
2 Tble spoon mayonnaise
salt to taste
Crisp lettuce

Step 2: Arrange Lettuce

Clean wash and dry lettuce, arrange in a flat dish.

Step 3: Lemon Dip

Brush or dip the avocado in the lemon juice and mix into pieces. - Don't make it to a paste  :(

Step 4: Add + + + All

Add Tuna,Cottage cheese,chopped onions,Red  pepper,Mayonnaise,Pepper and  salt to taste.Mix well.

Step 5: Cook Pasta

Cook pasta shells in salted  boiling water for 10 -15 minutes until just tender,or according to the instruction given in the packet.Drain and leave to cool.

Step 6: Enjoy !

Stuff the shells with the filling and serve on a bed of crisp lettuce.

These stuffed Pasta shells can be served individually as a tasty first course with a light tomato dressing. Stir 1 table spoon tomato puree and a generous dash of Worcestershire sauce into  150 ml pint soured cream.Season with garlic salt and pepper.Spoon this dressing over the pasta shells.

I am publishing this in three contest. Snack food,comfort food ,and healthy eating contest.Please cast your votes to which ever is accepted.
Thank you

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    5 years ago

    these look so good and mouthwatering. ..pasta are one of my fav...