Stuffed Raw Banana Cutlets

Introduction: Stuffed Raw Banana Cutlets

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Kache Kele or raw banana cutlets is a lovely breakfast recipe where boiled raw banana and potatoes are mashed together to give a fantastic flavour. Corns and cheese further enhances the taste when used as stuffing.

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Step 1: Recipe


Raw Banana – 250 gms (Boiled) Boiled Potato – 2-3 pcs Bread slice – 1 pcs Corns – 1 cup Cheese/ Paneer – 200 gms Salt, Red chili powder, Chaat powder – ½ tsp each Hing/ asfoetida , Amchur powder/Dry mango powder – ½ tsp each

Method: 1. Mix banana, potato and bread slice to make a mixture. Add all spices. Crumble cheese, add corns to prepare for stuffing. 2. Make 2 small cutlets of banana mixture and stuff corn material in between. Similarly make all other cutlets and shallow fry these. Serve hot with green chutney or sauce.

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