Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder

Introduction: Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder

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You may have seen these products at your favorite" infants r us" store.  Its a stuffed animal attached to a pacifier.  It combines the benefits of a pacifier with the cuddly soft animal.  They retail for about $10.  Not that terribly expensive, however my daughter has special needs and doesn't take to regular pacifiers.  And I can find better things to spend $10 on like beer on my wife.

These can be easily created with your own pacifier or bottle nipple.
You will need:
1 small animal (we got one for free at our local credit union for opening a new baby account)
1 bottle nipple. In this case its a Medela special needs feeder (AKA Haberman feeder)

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Step 1: Insert Nipple Onto Stuff Animal.

This is too easy.
Just shove the nipple onto the stuffed animal.
I used the nose of the horse.  Take your time to work it on there to make it secure.  Mine holds on very well with friction alone, but you can always put some needle and thread to the nipple to attach it.

Step 2: Finished!

Now test it out.
With the attached animal you can prop the pacifier into the babies mouth.  Also its soft and it gives the baby something to grasp with her hands.

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