Introduction: Stuffies

I love little stuffies! When making them in yarn there are so many different options to use. All the bright and fun yarns available to us now makes them so much fun to make and play with! I like to use already published patterns and also to just make them up as I go :)



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    I found this listing for the leaflet:

    I was a pattern tester for the zebra pillow (is that the one you were looking at?). You can purchase the pattern here:

    Cute little critters! I'm always a sucker for googley eyes. ;)

    With 5 kids and 3 (plus one on the way) Grandkids...I always have someone to give away my new friends to :)

    I love handmade toys, being a knitter of toys myself. Children are delighted with them. However, sometimes I love my knits so much it is a wrentch to part with them - so they only go to very special kids!