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Stumps are great stuff. They're beautiful, they're heavy (at least the heavier ones, I don't know exactly about the lighters), they're incredibly useful (even the lightest), and they're free (you just have to be organised, and fast).

Last time I got a few poplar stumps from a friend (really!) and we used them as cheap furniture around the barbeque. Since they're already starting to rot at the base, and since it's been raining almost the whole weekend - the perfect workshop time! - I decided to do some upgrading.

I started to raise them, just the way I did here, and from then on my inspiration of the day guided my hands.

How poetic.

Enjoy this very easy build. All you need is a stump (no kidding), some branches, a handful screws, a nice cup of coffee and a few hours of spare time. For one piece, wellunderstood.

You know, a stump at itself is already a pure joy to sit on, but you'll discover soon that this build is more than double joy. This stump deluxe feels like sitting on a nest kittens. But without the screaming.


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Step 1: Tripod-ing

  • debark
  • put the stump downside up
  • use clock-drill and chisel to make three holes (slightly angled)
  • cut a pole in three and insert the three legs in the holes
  • screw them (no structural screwing), just to prevent them from wobbling too much
  • link the legs with a few smaller branches, these will immobilize the whole
  • put the stump back on its legs
  • have a beer

Be a pro:

  • use linseed oil to lubrificate the clock-drill AND the screws
  • predrill your holes
  • use inox-screws (I didn't, sorry)
  • countersink the screw-heads
  • use the natural shape of the wood as much as you can

Step 2: Back-ing

  • organise some wastewood or branches (I used leftovers from last winters hilarious hazel harvest)
  • start screwing them like, well, like I did (I really don't know how to say this in words, the concept is that the back leans a bit backwards)
  • saw the excess at the end of the story
  • feed the cat, otherwise he'll just won't let you continue

Step 3: Footrest-ing

What's the difference between a stump and a stump deluxe?

A footrest, definitely. A footrest is the feature what makes you feel comfortable and relax. You need one.

  • two poles: screw them to the bottom of the stump
  • third pole: screw it to the two others

Step 4: Finishing

Time to put this heavy piece of art where you want it to be. It looks nice, already, but there's something missing.

Time to cut a fresh branch and screw it to the back-top. Bend it gently, screw it gently.

And enjoy my new kuksa! Olive wood, strong coffee. ;)

Step 5: Enjoying

The weather cleared out just in time. Showtime!

Hope you like it, and I'm looking forward to your builds!

Thanx for watching!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Чудесная поделка! Поставьте её на входе на дачу, сядьте в кресло и принимайте гостей, как хозяин!

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Спасибо друг! Трон в настоящее время вокруг ямы огня в саду, и я могу заверить вас, что все, кто посещает нас на ползает!

    I knew you are very sporty but never knew until this that you were also into "Gane of thrones"... LOL... As always my friend you idea amazed me. This is a great garden accessory obviously with a beer in our hands :D

    4 replies

    I'm into a lot of stuff my friend, most of which you even don't wanna know LOL Thanx for that very colourful comment btw. It hasn't passed the FFB-test (friends-fire-beer) but I'm sure it'll do the job ;)

    My special 'dedicated to Tarun' lamp is in the making my friend, I'll explain in a PM why I kinda waited till the end of the contest! ;)