Stunning Blackless Oriental Print Evening Dress




Introduction: Stunning Blackless Oriental Print Evening Dress

Hi there,
here is the first dress I made (i only started recently) for my end of year ball. Im posting this as a slide show rather than an Instructable, as I was following a pattern and I didnt invent it! it is Newlook pattern 6401, which i think is beautiful, and has lots of variations as seen here: Pattern
It was quite simple to make and quite a nice shape- though i think its the fabric that makes this dress good. its kinda a japanese pattern with white/silver blossom and blue spikey flowers. to accent this I chose an ice blue colour for the contrast sash which ties round the open back and falls to about calf level. there is also a mini train which poofs when you walk which you cant really see in these pics! The front is very deep cut aswell. anyway here are a few photos of making it and me in it. let me know what you think!
Rainbow Han

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    You just started sewing? Oh wow, you are doing a very great job! I love your dress idea, fabric choices, and you make a great slide show! Keep up the good work. I'm going to try to learn to sew soon myself. Watching your slide show makes it easy. My mom was a master seamtress and could make wedding dresses that looked like they were off the show room floor. She was da bomb! Do you plan on making all of your clothes? If so, will you be sharing your patterns on instructables? Congrats on your beautiful dress! You do AWESOME WORK and it shows in the pictures + that smile on your face immulates, PROUD! and CONFIDENT!


    So cute, and those colors look great on you! What kind of fabric did you use for this pattern?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Gorgeous dress. I have always admired those that could make clothing. I can patch - sew, but that is about it. Very nice.