Stunt Plane

Introduction: Stunt Plane

About: I've been doing Origami ever since I was 5. That's when I made my first paper airplane and I'll tell you what it flew. But that doesn't mean I only make paper airplanes, I make much more. Not afraid to admi...

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Step 1: A Piece of Paper

Step 2: Corner to Corner Fold

Step 3: Unfold

Step 4: Opposite Corner Fold & Unfold

Step 5: Flip Over

Step 6: Half Fold Then Unfold

Step 7: Flip Over Again

Step 8: More Folds

Step 9: More Folds (OMG)

Step 10: Almost Done With the Plane (optional Things Are Coming Up Soon)

Step 11: Watch the Next Steps CAREFULLY

Step 12: The Cool & Optional Parts

Step 13: Fold Winglets 1 & 2 Then Unfold

Step 14: Almost Done

Step 15: One Last Thing

Step 16: Your Done Enjoy

Step 17: Thank You

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