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Introduction: Stunt Plane

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Well, this is my first instructable, hope you like it.

I have searched on Instructables, and I'm pretty sure this plane is not in.

This is a very unpredictable plane. I have done many things with it, including:

Gliding across my school's indoor hall (around 50 metres)
Returning like a boomerang.
Returning not like a boomerang.
Going in the opposite direction of throw...

You get what I mean.

Step 1: Materials, and the Starting Folds

You just need an 'A' size paper. A4 is prefered. I didn't have any paer lying around, so I used last year's science revision test.

The first few folds are to create a (in Origami terms) "waterbomb base". You can see its construction in the next few steps.

Step 2: Waterbomb Base, Continued

I shown the first fold. now unfold and repeat on the left side. You will get an "x" in the paper. Now flip the paper over and fold where the two previous folds meet (as shown in the next few pictures).

Step 3: Waterbomb Base, Finished

The Waterbomb base is almost complete! Flip the paper over again, and if you done it correctly, the result will look like the pictures.

Push the two sides in and the waterbomb base is done.

Step 4: Folding the "handle"

If you looked at the plane in the intro and wondered where to hold it, wonder no more.

Follow the pictures.

A hard step is going to come, so watch out.

Step 5: Don't Get Stuck on This

Here is the hardest part. Remember the last fold you made, take a good look at it. See that there are two pockets?

Look at the pictures (sorry for the blurred pictures. my camera's macro wasn't that good.) Push one of the "flaps" into the pocket. It is a little tricky.

Repeat with the other side, and (hopefully) you have what is shown in the last picture.

Step 6: Stablisers

Now time to add stablisers. Fold the plane in half (as seen in the picture). Unfold, and fold the sides to the center.

Fold the edge back to the side (I'm dizzy already), and repeat on the other side.

Now, straighten them out till the angles are about 90 degrees (or 100 grads or pi/2 radians).

If you want, you can fold in the two back corners to act as elevons. I prefer it to be flat, as it performs beautifully.

You are officially done with the plane! Now to learn how to throw it.

Step 7: Handling

How to hold your plane : look at the picture

How to throw : hold it horizontally, and just throw with moderate force. too much will make it go crazy.

How to show it off : find a place with little or no wind, and throw it. It is very unpredictable, so it better be your lucky day!



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    25 Discussions

    The planes cool and I like how you used your geometry worksheet for the example.

    one time for a science project we had to design a way to keep a piece of paper in the air for more that 5 seconds. i did it successfully with this plane.

    i made something like this that was called a bulldog. if you held it by the frone and pushed down so it would flip it would snap and start flying. great instructable and 5 stars but next time look for a macro setting on your camera. its meant for taking pictures under 20 centimeters away, so for instance the flaps picture would have been crystel. 5 stars reguardless

    I think I did it wrong, but still pretty cool. I found a way to make it fly about five feet then it goes up- side- down and flies backward then goes between my legs, lol.

    I know what you mean about it being unpredictable. it flew around and it me in the face :-( great plane though :-)

    lol i got why you covered your name and your schools name but i laughed when i saw your score,

    Yo. all these people saying they have the best paper airplanes are retarded. im an actual pilot...small planes...and i decided to go for the guinness book of world records by making a 50 ft long and 65 ft wingspan PAPER airplane. check it out in the 07 record book. its awesome


    11 years ago

    easy to make and flying pretty good. Good job.


    11 years ago

    Hey, i made this and it was just flying straight.........boring. Then i gave it to my dog for like 3 sec. and now it does all kinds of stunts! nice instructable

    1 reply

    Coo. I wish I had a dog now. 5 sec is enough though.

    I make my a little diffrent i cut flaps in the tail of the wing.

    New Image.BMP

    Dude this plane is sweet i have been making it for years thow.

    lol that is a pretty good way of using a science test xD

    hey prony, i made some tweeks to urs on my glides better with a wider 'wing' surface... btw...does it say 75 as the mark? :O thats pretty good for biology/science!

    2 replies

    No it is not 75. It is 12 out of 12, but it is only for primary school science! What do you mean by "wider"?

    like u know...wider 'wing span'...those things...
    mayb shud make an instructable of a plane that's aerofoiled shape...hence it should fly very well...=/ dunno...have to research and design and develop this idea...*patents*...ahahaha its mine! lmao...nah every1 can make an instructable on me if u nicked the idea off this little 'comment reply' :P

    i have been making this for soooooooooo long!!!

    Cool I guess... Been making the same paper plane since I was 6.